Posted by: fireweaver | October 6, 2007

an open letter to boys

guys, many of you have successfully figured out the approved standard list of Things To Do For Chicks.  sure, these things are nice, but we know you’re pulling them out of a playbook you didn’t have to write.  i’m not going to sit here and knock flowers & chocolate, but really, i’d prefer gladiolas to roses and godiva to whitman’s…and i don’t expect you to know that.

if you really want to impress us, though, bust out something new that you had to come up with on your own, something that unequivocally says, “i give a damn.”  say, for example, your chick gets up to get ready for work in the am, and you’re sleeping in for another 20 minutes.  when you do get up, just out of the decency in your lil heart, make up the bed.  even though you find her 2 dozen throw pillows kind of silly, pile them up there too.

i’m still impressed days later.



  1. hmmmm….may have found one worth the wait, eh? 🙂

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