Posted by: fireweaver | October 18, 2007

joe biden?

Candace sent me a link to some midwestern tv station’s “select a candidate 2008” page, wherein you mark how you feel about a series of position statements, and it tells you who you should be rooting for in next year’s presidential election. apparently, i should be all gung-ho for democrat joe biden.  in the celebrity-level flash of hillary & obama (who score equally high for me according to this handy test) and giuliani (best of the republicans, who knew?), i haven’t even heard of this guy.

his wikipedia entry isn’t too terribly interesting one way or the other; apparently he’s all respectable in the senate, no over-the-top scandals, etc.  he authored the violence against women act (good), and a lot of anti-drug stuff (waste of time), and his “controversial comments” are only silly instead of jaw-droppingly stupid.

does anyone really get into the fight until after the primaries? these way early speculations just aren’t my gig.  i’m not registered as a dem (very much an independent), so i don’t get to participate in the hashing out of the one true candidate. if anyone else feels the need to take the quiz, who does it say you should vote for?


  1. I took it a week or so ago and can’t remember. I know it was a democratic guy I’d never heard of. But, my matching score wasn’t very high. I’m registered independent so I also don’t get to play during the primaries. I tend to split pretty down the middle on issues but definitely lean more to the “left” of center.

  2. Okay, I retook it and got the same guy “Chris Dodd”. Never heard of him, but the guy you got was second on my list. Obama came in third.

  3. It gives me Hunter… Didn’t he drop out, like, yesterday or something?

    It also then gives me Fred Thompson… because we all know I’m a batshit crazy fundie all against women and all.. The survey was a joke, I think I’d almost vote Ron Paul (because he’s a deranged libertarian type) except that he actually voted for the border wall. All of these surveys make me an Elephant, because fiscally speaking, I am – the social issues make me a raging Ass… I can’t win.

    How not to be my friend: Be against women’s rights, Be for gun control, and above all – think the border fence is a faboo idea.

    I need to make the weasel run for president again, he’s the only one that makes sense to me.

  4. Oh, my bad… For some reason my page popped open in the middle, not the top of the list.

    It says Guiliani is my buddy, which is what I would have expected… because they don’t ask about gun control (he wants to take my guns away).

    It Then gives me Obama, Clinton, and Edwards (in that order). I loathe those people. Still can’t win (but at least it doesn’t make me a fundie!)

  5. I got Joe Biden, Obama, Clinton and Edwards too…………… freaky…

    Well rock on Joe!


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