Posted by: fireweaver | October 24, 2007

double feature

if anyone pays attention to that portion of the sidebar that updates whenever my latest trip to the theater was, you’ll notice 2 things: 1)it gets updated a lot more frequently of late, 2)those updates always coincide with outings with Chris. yes, people, i have finally found someone even more of a movie junkie than i am, and yes, it rules. we were relaxing in the cushy seats of the bethesda landmark before ‘eastern promises’ and i said, “yep, i could get used to this,” and elaborated to his raised eyebrow, “getting taken out to the movies twice a month or so.” “ah,” he says, “so that’s what it’ll take to keep you around.” he was doing a quite solid job of keeping up on my movie-watching jones, but that kind of changed this week.

now, see, he’s managing a ginormous theater.

after teaching my class yesterday afternoon ( i’m giving 4 lectures a week towards AALAS certification for our guys here, more on that some other day), i rolled out an hour or so early to meet up with him for our fun times halloween double-feature. it’s nearly as exciting as being on ‘the list’ with the band as it was to stroll up to the customer service desk and just sign in for a couple of movies.

first up, we got our buddy-holly glasses for the 3D release of ‘nightmare before christmas‘. this movie is easily my fave holiday film, so i was eager to see what they’d done with it. back when this was announced, there was some gossip on IMDB that the score had been redone by fall out boy & the emo kids, so i was prepared for a level of suck that was thankfully absent (we all know i have plenty of love for emo kids of all sorts and fall out boy, too, but there’s certainly no reason to mess with genius). if you’ve liked this movie before, you’ll like it now. because it wasn’t originally done as a 3D spectacle, the print is mostly free of the gimicky stuff-jumping-right-at-your-face shots (though there are a few good moments, like sally lowering the picnic basket from her window). instead, there’s an incredible depth and texture perception to the whole thing, and though i’ve seen this movie many many times, i caught dozens of little details that i’d missed before. somehow, i managed to refrain from singing along for the most part…except during the irresistible line when the little fat kid says “hope he hasn’t died” during ‘something’s up with jack’, earning a hugely raised eyebrow from my sidekick.

following a quick bite at the mall between couch sessions (they have the type of seats that recline just a little, and have raise-able arm rests in between, so you can totally stake out part of a row to be your love seat or couch), we caught ‘30 days of night‘. he was really excited about it, i prefer my horror more cerebral than gory, but hey, free + vampires = game on. the story for this one goes that a pack of vampires shows up in a backwoods alaskan town just as the sun is setting for a month of midwinter; mayhem ensues. as with most horror flicks (and most especially, style-over-substance based-on-comics horror flicks), there are plenty of places where the plot has some gaping holes. apparently, vampires are extra messy in this incarnation, leaving us to wonder how they’re getting any nutrition with the blood strewn across the snow. on the other hand, it’s perhaps one of the most realistically imaginable situations for a monster movie: these are, after all, ultimate predators, illustrated in an icily detached helicopter shot wherein the hunters mow down most of the town like wolves among bunnies. overall, it’s quite coherent for what it is, and it’s nowhere near as gory as i was expecting – other than those swaths of red and a high body count, it’s not really that explicit. go check it out if it’s your sort of thing, otherwise, it’ll make a great dvd evening snuggled under the blanket sometime this winter. random news flash: josh hartnett is growing on me. yeah, he’s pouty-faced pretty, and often his acting is definitely one-note, but sometimes that just works out fine (see also: keanu).

i could (and probably will, ha!) get used to this whole movies-whenever-i-want-to thing. on the way out, Chris mentions, “let me know if you want any of these posters, ok?” livin’ large, baby, livin’ large.



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