Posted by: fireweaver | November 3, 2007

chilly & stupid

last sunday night, i’d commented to Chris that i was in denial about the need to turn on the heater, it being only october & all (TX mindset dies hard, even when you’re properly cold-adapted). noting that that night’s low was in the 30s, i relented and snapped that switch over to “heat” before dropping off to bed. it was insanely cold when i (not very successfully) tried to get out of bed monday am, because it was 63 degrees and that heater had never come on.

a few months ago, my thermostat had been all squirrelly. it would kick on the a/c, and then on some random schedule of days run and run until there were icicles dangling from the ceiling, though the temp read out in the low 80s. the repairman showed up, messed with some other things, and eventually traded out the thermostat with a “tester” model on his 3rd visit. worked great for about a week, after which the repairman said he’d order me a permanent replacement and call me to install it when it came in. never heard back from him, and when it inevitably went on the fritz again, in the exact same way, i never got around to calling him back since the weather promptly mellowed and i just haven’t used the a/c much in nearly 2 months. obviously, i thought my heater issues were related to the nonfunctional thermostat issues of the summer.

repairman said he couldn’t come out ’til thursday night. 4 cruel nights of bone-deep appreciation for BFs body heat contribution on the nights he could stay over, and piling on the covers on the ones he couldn’t. to make matters worse, repairman couldn’t make thursday, and then couldn’t make the rescheduled friday either. apparently, there were emergencies wherein it was cold out and people had no heat. fury is only the first word you’d use to describe my reaction to that statement.

so, lo, he was able to get here 1st call 7am today. and it took him all of 3 minutes to fig out that it was my pilot light that had blown out, preventing the heater from kicking on at all, as a safety feature to prevent my basement from filling with gas. meaning it cost me $70 to have him show up and stick a flame-source in there. huge sigh.

now, in all honesty, there’s no way i’d have done that myself…visions of burning off my eyebrows in the backdraft are a solid deterrent to me sticking some old cigarette lighter in my heater. but by damn i enjoy the feelings of my own independence and competence, and this clearly falls into the pile of occasions where all of that gets tossed to the curb. i despise that stoopid wittle girly vibe i get so often from repair people, tech support staff, electronics guys… it’s probably why i kept calling back the overpriced electrician when i needed things done last year when i first moved in: he bothered to explain what he was doing, as though i actually possessed the mental faculties capable of dealing with the info. also probably why i tend to avoid shopping at best buy, after numerous “where’s your boyfriend/husband/dad” type experiences with their salespeople in numerous different stores. i’m sure most chicks get this same condescension from service people in male-dominated fields, but i’m really sensitive to it; it’s on the short list of topics that can seriously muck up my zen tranquility about life.

oh well, continuing my interrupted nap (i was up late last night, watching movies on Chris’ couch, after he made us a spectacular prime rib for dinner) restored my zen for the day.  and thank god, it’s warm enough to think in here again.



  1. “i despise that stoopid wittle girly vibe i get so often from repair people, tech support staff, electronics guys…”

    Me too. I get really mad.

    I’m glad your heat is up and running. Which is a much more appealing way to stay warm that being hot with anger.

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