Posted by: fireweaver | November 4, 2007

west coast 07 part deux

in a rather sad turn of events, our new vet resigned last week. after our boss quit several months ago (right before this new vet showed up, so Jen never got to work with her at all), there have been some shifts in the way things are run in that building, and the whole shebang just wasn’t what she’d hoped it would be. it’s a damn shame, because she’s such a good vet and an excellent resource for us, and brought in a (much needed) fresh perspective to things. oh, yeah, and she’s cooler than anything, likes sailing & wine, so i’ll miss her bunches nonprofessionally, too. sigh, off to greener pastures of chimplets & itty monkeys.

in the meantime, one of our contracts that does a lot of repro work was sending her off to the oregon primate center to work with a group there that’s tracking ovarian follicular development via ultrasound, with the goal that we’d be able to do the same procedure too. well, obviously, if she’s not going to be here to perform said ultrasounding, she didn’t want to go out to oregon. which means that on somewhat short notice, i’m off tomorrow afternoon for another week on the west coast.

on one hand, i really do want to go. if i could spend 2 days a month off somewhere picking up a new surgical or hands-on procedure, i’d be all kinds of giddy about that. this is like a very high quality one-on-one CE lab that i don’t have to pay for, working on acquiring a skill i’m utterly useless at, so i’ll get a whole lot out of it. but i’ve just been gone from the house too often lately. i start to feel like my A++ dog/house sitter is much put-upon. the house just got warm & comfy again. and oh, the irony of complaining that his work isn’t conducive to “us” time, when it’s now my work that will be taking me away from Chris for the week. my compromise with myself on the whole thing was to fly back friday night (whee, 8.5 hr flights that get me home at midnight) instead of sacrificing halves of 2 weekends in a row.

all packed up -this is obviously a 4+ book trip between the long flight times & the 5 days there- and ready to rock out tomorrow am. thank god for the time shift this morning.



  1. Have a great trip and learn lots.

  2. Sorry work is taking your away from Mr Comfortable. 😦 But, on the plus side.. you can’t really turn down free CE! Oregon is beautiful, too!

  3. […] that’s 4 classes a week, and the only time i wasn’t the one lecturing is when i went off to oregon on short notice.  12 classes is about the shortest i can get it all in, so that means a 3 month […]

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