Posted by: fireweaver | November 6, 2007

book mecca

in my discussions yesterday with the nice post-doc who’s hosting me on this trip, she asked what i was doing to occupy myself in the evenings. i told her that there were some things i was fine doing by myself (book shopping, winery tours) and things that i just wasn’t (hitting the bars & clubs), but i was interested in any local-flavor rec’s she had. “oh, you’re into books,” she says, “well, then, there is that one big bookstore in portland.” as soon as i looked it up, i remembered…OH. THAT bookstore. yesssss my preciousssssss…

powell’s is the biggest bookstore in the known universe. no seriously, 68 thousand square feet of books. they have freekin’ maps of the place, both stationed conveniently throughout the multi-level city-block sized store, and as handy little guides to carry around with you.  i got lost in there for 3 and a half hours, and only the call of dinnertime dragged me out.  that and the fact that my little hand cart was getting rather hard to carry.  i think i took care of well over 1/3 of the books on my amazon wish list.  happy-sigh.  only problem now is that there isn’t a book in the world that would hold my attention against the onslaught of that hefty double-layered paper sack, so i’ve lost interest for now in the book i’m currently reading.  we’ll see if it manages to become attractive again before the flight home.

to top it off, the help desk gave me a fantastic dinner recommendation as well.  if ever in the portland pearl district area, make sure to check out jake’s.  killer oyster list, A+ bisque, and local wines of much tastiness.

now, off to dream over what i’ll be reading soon…



  1. Some of my co-workers just moved to Portland and they told me of the glory that is Powells. It’s on my list of things to do when I get to that neck of the woods.

  2. I like Jake’s!

  3. That does sound like a phenomenal bookstore. I used to work in a bookstore that was 30,000 square feet (a corporate-monster owned beast), which was pretty damn big. But 68 thousand? Yowza. They should offer overnight accomodations.

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