Posted by: fireweaver | November 7, 2007

prettifying progress?

i was chatting today with my post-doc host about a ballot measure that all the oregon-ians were voting on today regarding land use.  it seems that OR is a strange mix of economic conservatism and granola-tree-hugger-ism, and it’s resulted in some odd zoning laws.  her husband works with city planning & rural development, and was working on some proposal to install a cell phone tower in a previously pristine rural part of the world, where the proposal originally stated that the tower had to be 300 yards back from any other structure/road, but was now going to be a mere 20 yards away.  obviously, the people who’d paid out the nose to live in the middle of nowhere were peeved about such things, though they’re clearly the users who’d most benefit from having it there.  partial compromise:  proposed cell phone tower fir tree.

oh, yes, peoples, this is apparently how your celly carrier is making sure that you don’t experience any of those pesky cellular black holes, while not putting the stark ugliness of the tower right in your face.  towers of all sizes are now being disguised as cactus, evergreens, palm trees… go check out that link and tell me there’s not at least a few that would have you fooled at first glance.  man, fake technology has come a long way.



  1. I”ve seen the palm tree ones around Florida before (go figure)

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