Posted by: fireweaver | November 10, 2007

back in the homeland

all i did yesterday was whine (ok, and read my new book on the plane) about how much i wanted to go home. i’ve been away too long, and i’m just putting off the guilt of having to dump the obligation of house/dog-sitting on my fledgling relationship until i get back and have time to deal with it. to top it off, i’ve just been so exhausted after being on not-vacation for a week, then facing another half week of the same. there was a lot of show-up-and-wait going on at the primate center, since they all had their ongoing stuff to do in their lab that wasn’t my project. i’m expecting the same situation here, death never being convenient or scheduled for anyone.

i landed in houston last night after what seemed like the most endless chain of flights ever (first leg had me trapped in a middle seat, surrounded on 2 sides by passels of unruly kids), and met my brother in baggage claim. Kenneth then called our sister to meet up for dinner, and the three of us had an amazingly warm and civil conversation over margaritas and pappasito’s fajitas. i told them both that they needed to visit me up in d.c., like i do every time i see them, and they agreed that it’d be a good idea, like they reply every time.

i crashed out at mom’s bff Vicki’s house last night, and we’re about to head out to cuero now. obviously, i wish i was on a home trip for more joyful reasons, but i am looking forward to the pile of cousins i haven’t seen in literally years. hold on mom, we’re coming.


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