Posted by: fireweaver | November 13, 2007

homeward bound

i’m finally flying home tonight, thank fsm. i’m exhausted, bruised up (totally graceful crash into the pavement outside an HEB due to a stealthy curb), and bespeckled with fire ant bites (huh, seems you can forget that you have to brush ants off you asap). my plane lands at midnight, and i’ve informed work that i’m too mentally fragged to show up before thursday, so i have tomorrow to clean up 2 weeks of whatever from my house, hit the grocery store, do a mountain of laundry, etc.

and though i wholeheartedly wish it was under different circumstances, i had wonderful interactions with huge chunks of my family. all the cousins i hadn’t seen since high school have grown up, mellowed out, and become interesting people – much like i hope i have, too. i handed off a few of my business cards, with regular email address & cell number written on, and i sincerely hope the people that said they wanted to keep in touch get around to doing so.

my immediate family was just as surprising. my baby sister Korrie, who i’ve always butted heads with, got along great with me for the duration. i don’t know if it was grief bringing us all together, or her first semester of college having chilled her out, but either way, we had a far more positive interaction than i think either of us have ever had in her life. sunday night after the visitation, my sibs & Taylor’s gf were all rollicking around the hotel room – the boys playing poker, Korrie & i with a game of zoo tycoon – laughing and joking and drinking cheap margaritas. the time i had with them made this whole trip worth more than just the duty to my mother & grandmother.

and holding down the fort back home, we have mr.Chris.  i’ve been dating this guy for all of 2 months, so i thought that asking him to take care of my house & pets was quite a bit premature.  he was only supposed to take care of things for one night before i came back (my A++ enrichment tech had the rest of the week covered), but it turned into 5 days of caretaking.  i got twice daily phone calls for updates about the house and offers of sympathy & comfort, and he even offered to put clean sheets on the bed for when i come home.  he’s gone utterly above & beyond, and he is amazing.

“Sheba” and the snake each text messaged me last night to tell me they’ve had a fun time with “this new guy,” but that they were looking forward to me coming home.  alright, kiddos, i’ll see ya in a few.



  1. wow.. you’ve found a keeper! loves you and your fur-kids.

  2. It’s funny, but the consensus among my friends is that siblings become much nicer people once everyone’s moved away from home.

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