Posted by: fireweaver | November 14, 2007

re-entry to normality

today was my day of recuperation before getting back to the daily grind tomorrow.  i slept in till 11, did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen, and headed off to Chris’ theater for an early evening flick.

he’d been wanting to see ‘bee movie‘, and my fondness of animated stuff was just fine with that. basically, the whole thing is exactly what you’d think it is: an extended seinfeld skit wherein jerry is 2cm tall and black & yellow.  jerry/barry discovers that people take honey from bee hives and decides to sue the human race to get the honey back…later realizing important life lessons about pollenization and faux-botany.  the plot is simple and straightforward, and the violence is a wile-e-coyote flavor of slapsticky (if our hero was a real bee, i counted at least 6 deaths during one fly-by), just like you’d expect for a kids’ movie.  but this one was very definitely aiming for the older crowd at the same time.  there’s some vague sexual innuendo, a good ‘graduate‘ homage (the scene where he zones out at the bottom of the pool while his parents are haranguing him), and a racial joke that while funny, did surprise me at its inclusion in a kid flick (bee is yelling about his people “being bee slaves to the white man!”, cut to table full of lawyers, the last of which is black, who quickly scoots his chair away from his colleagues).

cute movie, but disposable.  it’s certainly not a waste of your time, but it’s not changing the world (ok, the world of kid movies) like the first pixar movies did.

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