Posted by: fireweaver | November 15, 2007

devouring words

when i left for oregon 2 weeks ago, i had 4 books in my bag. i figured that since i had the laptop to play zoo tycoon as adjunct entertainment, 4 was a reasonable number for a pair of long plane flights with 4 full days in between them. 2 of the books were ordinary-length novels, one was a dense tome of short stories (always grateful to Suz for the tip-off of the awesomeness of pantheon’s fairytale & folklore series), and the last was the 3-in-1 i’m working through right now, so there was really a good pile of words to keep me entertained.

then i went to powell’s while i was there. so there were 5 different books in my bag on the way home (and stashes in both my other carry-on and my suitcase). people invariably say wow, you have a lot of books:

the thursday book meme asks if i think i read as much as i did when i was a kiddo. for the most part, i’m going to have to say yes, with one caveat: mom never grounded me from books, but every so often, i have to do so to myself. studying for boards (both the regular national vet boards & my specialty boards last year) meant strict book moratoriums…and each resulted in a *huge* book bender when the moratorium was lifted. i didn’t cut myself off from netflix or from computer games or from dinners out with friends during those push-coming-to-shove times, so apparently, yeah, just like being a kiddo, it’s the words that most bewitchingly take up my time.

but ya know, it doesn’t always work out. once upon a time, i was trapped in the hell of the denver airport with my then-bf, trying to fly standby home to TX (his dad’s airline pilot status got us the tix for free…just not guaranteed for any particular time). one of the books in my bag for that flight was gene wolfe’s ‘shadow & claw‘, which i had started on before leaving, and had been (unusually for me) picking through it here and there between other books. it’s supposed to be just an epic classic, super amazing, very original, etc etc…but it also happens to be amazingly dense, and uses deliberately twisty language, so i was tasting this one slowly instead of devouring with abandon. which meant that it was decidedly NOT the book to be stopping & starting a hundred times in the day where we re-located to a new gate at the terminal every 45 minutes, becoming increasingly irritated with the lack of available seats on a plane home all damn day long. eventually, i made it to dallas by 1am, and was stranded there until the first flight out to college station the next day. a few days later, i tried to pick that book back up again, and nearly threw it across the room: it was apparently tainted with the horrible mind-numbing rage-inducing frustration of DEN. i’ve made it through 2 moves now with that book having a page marker tucked in the same place (obviously, i’d need to start over)…wonder if i could come back to it fresh by now?


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