Posted by: fireweaver | November 16, 2007

misanthropy = lots of friends

i was out at dinner with Chris a couple of nights ago after we watched a movie.  “oh hey,” i told him, “i think we have dinner plans for saturday.”  he laughed and asked where he was supposed to show up – it’s good he’s as laid back & game for whatever as i am, some people would be irritated by my managing.  i told him he could really feel free to invite some peeps, too, to which he replied that john (or whatever his name is, never met him and don’t know him) is out of town.  i raised a wondering eyebrow – surely you have more than one friend dear – and , in fact, it kinda weirds me out that i *haven’t* met any of his friends yet.

he says he just has a small social circle.  well, true, i can think of several people who generally do, including Brian & Cary, who we’ll be going to dinner with saturday (and for me, tonight, too).  and Chris is all kinds of socially well-adjusted, since he gets along so swimmingly when i throw him in with my various piles of peeps, so i don’t think i actually have to worry about any closet jeff dahmer-type character flaws.

as for me, though, it’s like randal said: “i hate people, but i love gatherings.  isn’t it ironic?” i think that it’s because i’m otherwise such a misanthrope that i gotta hang with my crew so much.  i mean, once i find someone who isn’t a complete moron/asshole, like 99.9999999% of the world, i just have to love ’em forever, right?

otherwise, i just love a good drinking buddy (well, damn, that doesn’t explain Vivian…).  speaking of which, off to b’more for dinner.  and a beverage.



  1. I like your stories…I can tell I’m going to be a regular…
    Thanks for visiting my blog too, nice ta meet ya.

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