Posted by: fireweaver | November 17, 2007


so, i’m talking with a friend today, and she remarks that apparently, this guy i’ve been seeing of late seems like a good guy.  i kind of laugh, and say that yeah, he seems like that to me, too.

i came home way late from dinner last night, and he was leaving his theater at roughly the same time, so we ended up back at my house within 15 minutes or so of each other.  both of us were tired from our respective long days (he was closing on a friday, i’d been back to work for only the 2nd day after a 2 week absence), but somehow, we ended up staying up ’til a hair after 2 just joking around with each other.  the restaurant for last night was an indian place, and at some point, he busts out with a bad apu-from-simpsons-type faux indian accent, snuggles up to me, and says, “oh bebe, your breasts they smell like a tandoori oven.”   after dying laughing i try to get up to go head off to the shower before bed, but in the same voice, i am informed that “these arms of shiva shall not let you go.”  in short order, we were both afflicted with hilarity-related dyspnea, and this went on for a while.

apparently, as i was explaining to my buddy, *this* is the difference between just some guy you’re shacking up with, and some guy you’re actually in love with.  it’s all about the comedy.  either that or his A+ foot rubs…


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