Posted by: fireweaver | November 18, 2007

more with the wacky monkeys

so, once upon a time, say, in the “mid 20th century,” people exported pantsloads of rhesus monkeys from india for research, zoos, etc etc. some estimates say the indian rhesus population was knocked down by 90%. well, ’round about 1978, the leaders of india decided to impose a ban on the export of this particular species, since monkeys are considered by the devout to be little manifestations of hanuman, the monkey god.

well, rhesus are tough little buggers. think of them as the rats of the primate world. and hot on the heels of news of a government official being killed while trying to defend himself against a marauding pack on his balcony, another indian government official tells the press that monkeys are tearing some stuff up over there. to wit,

around two dozen people were hurt after monkeys rampaged through a New Delhi neighbourhood

according to the press release, monkeys are running amok, stealing cellys and slappin’ some chicks. while other animals go into decline when their habitats get destroyed, the rhesus is a resilient little bastard, and apparently takes over the underbelly of the city, like rats or feral dogs do.

in our little world, we freak out a lot about bad diseases that bite/scratch/mucous membrane contact with macaques can give you. and by bad, we mean deadly. so it never fails to freak me out when people have interactions with these guys sans the panoply of protective biohazard gear we dress up in to go in the room with them. but man! the monks at work thusfar haven’t tried to pimp-slap me, push me off a balcony, or steal my phone to call for pizza. whole new list of stuff i’ll have to start worrying about now.



  1. Apparently these aren’t the first endangered species to ‘strike back’ – have you been keeping track of elephants? Something weird is definitely going on with them. is still trying to confirm/deny the elephant rapist stories from this spring –

  2. holy crap! DRUNK elephants and amok monkeys?!?! wtf is going on in india??

  3. …obviously the work of a mad scientist set on world domination?

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