Posted by: fireweaver | November 21, 2007

again: free =/= good

before heading out to iron bridge this past saturday, Brian & Cary were chilling at the house chatting with Chris & me. Chris was explaining some of the unique quirks of movie theater management, including the one that each print of a movie has to be screened by a theater employee the night before it starts running for paying customers (gotta make sure it’s not screwed up out of the box). he’s invited me to a couple of these, but they’re universally late thursday night – as in, after the day’s scheduled flicks are done, as in, he got home after 4am last thursday night – and a girl’s gotta work on friday bright & perky at 8am. he mentioned to our friends that the two of us have fairly similar movie tastes, and that while he’s generally rather discriminatory in such things, “i’ve been trying to explain to her that hey, if it’s free, it can’t be all bad, right?”

well, yeah, sometimes it is bad.

last night we slogged off to ‘the mist‘ after the sort of day that should have just told Chris to stay in bed at home. following some family issues, getting screwed on his work schedule, and being involved in a fender-bender, we headed up to the theater for our 10.30ish screen time for this one. because yesterday was his day off, and he had to work 1st thing this am, the projection crew had promised him he could have the first open theater for his screener. oh but no, his manager waltzed in and stole that theater from him. which left us waiting for the next one…at 11.30. sigh. thank fsm it’s a short day at work today, and it was a paperwork-hacking day instead of a flesh-hacking day, cuz 3 hours of sleep is lame-o.

much like the movie. the plot is familiar to anyone who’s read stephen king’s ‘skeleton crew‘ anthology: a thick mist rolls into small-town maine, trapping a cast of characters in a grocery store for days since the mist hides some bloodthirsty otherworldly creatures; ‘lord of the flies’ hijinx ensue.  the original story is a 100ish page novella, and this movie feels like every last little word was filmed (it is indeed rather accurate to the source material), though this all worked better as a written word.  parts of it are repetitive in the interest of building the tension, and it just got old after a while to keep re-hashing “can’t go outside the mist will kill us.”  CGI effects were decent, though the blood – not a torture porn flick, but still gory in places – is an obnoxious fakey bright-ass red throughout.  acting on the part of the “good guy” faction was all totally decent, but the people who snap & go crazy were obnoxiously cartoony…kids, don’t make me laugh when you’re having your Moment of EEEvil.

we got done and he radioed back to the booth, “all done in here, print looks ok, but the movie blows ass, so please send it back as soon as possible.”  but hey, not a total loss: i did get to fill up my liter bottle with cherry & coke icee.  for free, even.

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