Posted by: fireweaver | November 22, 2007

trading tales

i have to say, the best thing about holiday get-togethers at friends’ houses is storytime.  don’t get me wrong, the food at Beth & George’s house is always spectacular, but the real treat is the pre & post game convo.

with 5 vets in the room (even though one of us is lab animal and another is pathology), there’s always plenty of wacky animal tales to go around, and everybody has wacky people tales regardless of their occupations.  all 3 of my girls had some variant on the overly friendly client annoyance (as in, “sir, that is your side of the exam table”), to which the closest match i had was this one time a baboon ripped my clothes off (not the same thing, of course; it’s at least funny when the ‘boon does it).  then at some point we devolved into embarrassing childhood terrors/traumas, which makes me think of my mom, and her telling everyone my potty training tales at my most recent birthday bbq.

it was a super time.  happy thanksgiving, peeps.


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