Posted by: fireweaver | November 24, 2007

just chillin’

you know the lovely thing about 4 day weekends?  you have **4** days to unwind.  it’s like spring break for adults.  oh, i’m sure the work will have piled up most charmingly by the time we all head back to the office monday, but for now, this rules.

and i’m having a really nice taper-effect here.  thursday, of course, was a busy day: get up, get stuff together, touch base with the techs at work, head up an hour and a half north, help cook, eat some stuff, socialize with the crowd.  friday, slightly less: just me & Amanda to work out for a couple hours, Chris and some of his work-buddies and me watching and chatting about some movies.  and today, even more mellow: Bruce came up for a haircut and some lunch, and a quick run to sam’s, and then just me relaxing with my book.  tomorrow is slated for supreme tranquility, nothing planned at all.  i could even get around to doing something about the 2+ weeks’ worth of mail sitting on the kitchen table.  or maybe i’ll just finish the book.  hope everyone else’s holidays are equally stress-free.


  1. Hey Thanks for coming by my page I will have another post up there by sunday I think!!! you have a nice blog here also and I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving I had a wonderful one also

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