Posted by: fireweaver | November 25, 2007


instead of doing anything overly productive today, i killed a couple of hours cruising along the black phoenix alchemy lab website in search of some new perfume.  i’ve been entranced by their overly verbose & florid descriptions of the available stuff (and there is a mighty mighty truckload of different scents) for some time now.  i only very rarely wear perfume at all, after having it beaten into my head way back in my first lab animal facility that strong artificial scents have a good likelihood of disrupting rodent breeding schedules, so small amounts of any scent last me forever.  it occurs to me that since i no longer work in a mouse lab, though, i could actually wear some perfume on a routine basis.  haven’t changed up from estee lauder’s pleasures since, oh, somewhere in college or so, and while i still like it very much, in the intervening years, i’ve tossed out more than enough vials of very pricey eaus once the smell starts to go off (btw, don’t EVER buy perfumed moisturizer if you’re not going to use it quickly.  ewwww). but once upon a time, during a ren fest long ago & far away, i bought a bottle of oil (as opposed to standard perfume, which is generally oil diluted into alcohol) called “diane” that’s still as delicious as it was then.  the oil lasts forever in the bottle, and wears both more subtly and for a longer time than spray-on stuff.  BPAL offers all of their oil perfumes (except for the limited edition concoctions) as tiny tester-sizes, so i went a little nutso and ordered a 6 pack of temptation described by beardsley illustrations and goth poetry – go play on the website and see if you don’t get sucked in, too.  i’m way excited about the new stuff, so reviews most definitely to follow whenever they get around to showing up at my house.

in the meantime, i’ll remind myself that i’m allowed to actually smell pretty now and again.  oh, they monkeys will be so entranced.



  1. I would die walking out of the house without perfume on… LOL! and I would sooooooo love to work with the monkeys!!!! I am glad you had a great day..


  2. I like to go to Sephora on my lunch break and try out new perfumes. (And then buy them on ebay for half the cost) My new fav is YSL babydoll. Light and kinda citrusy. If you want even lighter, try D&G Light Blue. I don’t like wearing anything too heavy.

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