Posted by: fireweaver | November 29, 2007

stalking one’s self

another question that surfaced on the nablopomo forums was “did anyone stalk their own sites?”  apparently, checking in on your readership is highly important for a whole lot of people.  wordpress does have this super-nifty little graph that pops right up when you’re puttering around under the hood that shows you how many site visits you’ve had that day; i’ve periodically checked on that graph just to see if anyone reads this stuff before.  but that thread alerted me to new and wackier ways to stalk myself:  check out the search terms that led people to stumble into your e-musings.

apparently, ‘laboratory tested’ is a secret den of debauched evil.  never mind the recipes, the pics of my mom as a fab 60s hipster, tales of my online dating adventures and the current sweetness & light, oh no, it’s all about the porn.  “sex torture” comes up a lot as what people are looking for when they find me.  apparently, the movie reviews i did of that latest james bond flick (involving him getting whacked in the nuts) and of eastern promises (involving him kicking butt while dangling his nuts… so, i guess these comprise nekkid + torturing?) still draw ’em in.   that’s the big one (and ooh, look, i’ve now cleverly stashed it right here in a post with quote marks and everything, so even more bizarro traffic), but there’s plenty more search phrases that would be more at home cruising the sites that get skimmed off as spam comments.

maybe even more weirdly, how about someone’s search a couple of days ago for “likki  boom boom down.”  as in the old informer song??  wow.  wacky.  no idea anyone remembered that…but hey, i’m the top google link for that one, so yay princess me!



  1. Wow! I had “no” idea you were so twisted! But then I DID remember “likki boom boom down” and could have named the song and artist w/ no other prompting. 😉 *sigh* Pop culture-junkie that I am. BTW, my pre-New Year’s resolution… do more stuff w/ people I miss. Almost two years of marriage has made me dull!

  2.’s stat service sucks, but I use statcounter to get the data.

    No sex terms yet, but there were some fun searches. Two on “meaning of being human” and one of “copy of Declaration of Helinski”.

    Of those three searches, I can say confidently that one found exactly he/she asked for.

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