Posted by: fireweaver | December 14, 2007

the grind

man, work is tough lately.

now that we’re down to 3 vets, figuring out the holiday/on call/weekend schedules has been just squirrely.  i *still* haven’t gotten around to buying plane tix to mom’s house for the holidays, since we all have to make sure to not be out of town at the same time as each other, and we haven’t adequately pow-wow-ed about that.

i’m teaching 2 different AALAS certification classes twice weekly, as in, 4 lectures a week.  now, next time i do this, it’ll be no biggie, i’ll already have all the lectures done and will only need to skim the chapters to refresh.  but this round?  i’m about 2/3 of the way through classes, and writing 2 lectures a week is really wearing on me.  just one more to go, and then thank fsm i’m taking the 2 upcoming weeks wherein the holidays fall off from classes completely.  hopefully i won’t be burnt out anymore by january.

and as icing on the cake, we found today out that 2 of our (relatively good, relatively experienced) techs are bailing out, each due to last-minute but A++ college opportunities starting in january.  we’ve already been sorting a lot of stuff out – the facility manager took  a too-good-to-pass-up job, and will be leaving at the end of the month – so there’s already been a good chunk of re-organization.  but sheesh, this too, things will be all crazy until we get the re-sorting settled down.

but hey, i *did* win the poinsettia from our table at today’s holiday party.  here’s to hoping the little things really do count.


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