Posted by: fireweaver | December 20, 2007


the dog is going senile.

i keep telling people that, and i’ve been doing so for at least a year now, so it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.  she doesn’t always come when you call her; she’s getting kinda deaf.  sometimes, when climbing those 3 little stairs up the back porch, she makes a sprightly leap that just fails halfway through.  she poops in her crate sometimes, never a huge quantity, just a little turd smushed into the back corner, like it’s a surprise to her that it’s happened.  my coworker theorizes that it’s her arthritis acting up in her spine now as well as her hips, making the hunching-over-to-poo posture uncomfortable.  i’ve upped her meds.

she was so incredibly stiff when i came home from APV a few months ago that navigating the stairs had become downright treacherous for her.  i tweaked the meds, and she got a lot better, but i’ve left her crate downstairs ever since.  last time i gave her a bath, it was a rather unpleasant little rodeo in the tub, what with her not standing so easily on the slippery surface and getting touchy when i rubbed shampoo on any achy bits.  being not a sadist towards my dog (or just being a coward or in denial, take your pick), i haven’t repeated that in a month or so.

i’m leaving for houston at the crack of dawn sunday, so i’m running around doing last minute stuff until then.  part of my going out of town prep is to give the dog a bath, so whoever i’ve roped in to looking after her doesn’t have a foul-smelling job.  and yeah, this rodeo was just as bad as that previous one, with the added horror of an awful crash down the stairs (she scrabbled off the tile floor and darted to the landing as soon as i could open the bathroom door, and slipped on the very first stair before i could even make it out the door myself).  she’ll be getting a high dose tonight.  i mean, it’s not like i’m worried about salvaging her liver at this point.

sigh.  maybe it’s time to let a professional groomer handle her once a month.  they don’t have treacherous stairs at petsmart.



  1. […] the sticky stinky matted furball up the stairs and starting Bath Wars. remember after the hell of last month’s bathtime rodeo that i was close to swearing this activity off to the professionals?  well, this one was worse.  […]

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