Posted by: fireweaver | December 25, 2007

new stories about old friends

there’s something wonderful to be said about the sort of old friends that you can just pick up with at the drop of a hat, and start up the conversation like it hasn’t been over a year since your last one.

Suz picked me up from the airport sunday am (continental this time instead of southwest, which meant that while we landed a half hour late, we did get an actual meal en-route), and we headed off to the restaurant we’d meet my mother up in an hour later. we were strolling in just as the place was opening for the day, and asked a hostess near-simultaneously, “is the bar open?” and thus started 24 hours of fun times.

it seemed like all of 10 minutes had gone by before mom showed with her girl buddy, though we were on round 2 of sangria-swirled margaritas at the time. all day was spent gossiping about work, our love lives, wacky family members, and the loopy things that pets do. lunch was tasty, of course, and then the 2 pair of chick friends hared off to do what chicks do when not being wage slaves for a day. we did a bit of shopping, including the purchase of a super pretty electric blue handbag i’d regretted passing up at the tj maxx up by my house last week, and the de rigeur visit to half price books. sadly, however, success was not ours in the hunt for reindeer car decorations.

a bit before dinner time, we made it back to my mom’s house and were put in charge of whipping up some mac&cheese and finishing the ham in the oven while mom finished a nap on the couch. after locating an entire shelf full of kraft mac, i felt the need to peruse the other offerings in my mother’s vast pantry, being as how i was living here for the remainder of this week. i slid each shelf out for a quick look-see from top to bottom, and i’d just pushed back one of the lower ones, when an approximately 50-75g agouti long-tailed shape leapt from the front of one shelf to a slightly pulled-out slightly lower one. “Suz, please back away from that pantry and close the door now.” “huh,” she said, being a lab worker as much as i am and thusly unfazed, “that a roach or a rodent?” “definitely rodent.”

yes, kiddos, there is a charming mouse infestation going on in my mom’s pantry. Suz even poked about the underside in there, armed with flashlight and broom handle, to confirm the mouse-not-rat status, and establish his presence in a ritz cracker box hotel. i’ve since taken to childishly pounding on the pantry doors as i stroll by, or when i need to retrieve something. making it vaguely inhospitable is about all i’m up for…i’m so not at work right now. note to self, pass along symptoms of hanta to family members who live here.

after dinner, we were heading out to meet up Chris (my college bud, not my s/o) for coffee/dessert/etc. chillin’ at the house of pies (logo cracks me up a lot), it was time for more random tales of love and work and life: dj pigfucker from summer 06, the soulless roommate, ferrets and subarus. apparently, it was also time for more infestation: we had to transfer drinks & pie slices to a neighboring table when an itty german roach traveled across our table on his way to climb the blinds.

clearly, between our meet-up locale being closer to the middle of town and The Mouse Issue, we decided to camp out at Suzy’s housesitting gig instead of at mom’s that night.  though we were both exhausted from early-morning airport adventures and the late night gabfest, we didn’t crash out until far later than planned.  and then we slept in far later than planned as well, before heading off to the holiday-eve pilgimage to spec’s.

ah, the liquor warehouse, where truckloads of wine and spirits can be all yours for a reasonable price.  i think we harassed the guys there nearly a dozen times between our wine recommendation needs (my perennial fave: “show me your absolute fave thing in this store for under $15.”  always works like a charm) and the debates over gift booze.  in the end, her box was fuller than mine, but we each walked out with an impressive stash, and then off she was to her house for the holiday.

so, in summary, for the homeland:

pro: peeps, half price books, spec’s.

cons: vermin.

this trip is super fun so far, that’s fo-sho.

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