Posted by: fireweaver | December 30, 2007


aaah, it’s good to be home.

of course, i love my family and time spent with them, i love getting to see ol’ college buddies, i love my mom’s baking (fruit cake cookies rule!!!!), i love actual good bonding times with my sibs, i love that Taylor is perhaps developing a wine palate (!), i love that it was no trouble at all to convince the fam to check out some culture, i love time to chill out and not worry about work, i love stopping by at old favorites, i even like flying (tho, of course, airport security can bite my ass…i am NOT going to blow up the plane with my f’ing shampoo).


i love the water pressure in my shower.  i love my OWN pillows in my OWN bed.  i love my relatively quiet, non-yippy dog.   i love mr.Chris being all super sweet and taking care of me.

cuz, yeah, the last day before i left, i managed to pick up some upper respiratory viral thing from the homeland.  so thank FSM i felt the need to come home on a friday and have a weekend off before jumping back to the real world.  i’m simultaneously recuperating from familial overload syndrome and a cold.  which is to say, i love my couch, and my new crocheted blankie from mom.


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