Posted by: fireweaver | January 1, 2008

…and the clock keeps ticking

for new year’s eve last night, i headed over to Di’s house for a low-key cocktail & hors d’oeuvre party. i’d managed to find a few bottles of an australian sparkly that i’d read a glowing review about many months ago, and not only was it crazy cheap on sale, but it also managed to live up to that review. Di & Melissa had found and made a tableful of tasty snacks, and between that, the bubbly, and the killer sangre del toro we ended up staying in rather than hitting the local pub for a midnight toast. Chris even managed to make it out of the theater well before the projected 3am time point, so he got to meet a few more of my friends and (very conveniently and appreciatedly) provide a tipsy redhead with a ride home.

there was an old-school alt-rock channel on the tv, so when devo showed up, we had to call to check in with Bruce & co.  later, when we had back-to-back depeche mode and duran duran (a pair of concerts that Di, Lynn, and i hit together), we were just as compelled to leave Lynn a message.  somehow, we managed to not call Harshan in the middle of the night, which is somewhat of a hopkins crew tradition when we start drinking.  i hope my people in houston were having a good party, too.

the ball drop at times square is still the same thing it’s always been for as long as i can remember, though the post-stroke dick clark was both sad and eerie.  cutting between shots of him and perky little blond TRL kiddos managed to set up an unintentional live-action old man/baby new year thing, and managed to make me feel old, or just very mortal at the least.  i think i may be getting more maudlin in my old age (haha),  between dwelling on dick clark’s/my impending doom and missing all the friends who were elsewhere.

happy new year, everyone.  hope all your hangovers are gone, that work is a breeze tomorrow, and that the rest of the year is as peaceful and content as possible.


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