Posted by: fireweaver | January 5, 2008

internet-based emoting

i cried twice today.

neither was a full-on blubbering breakdown all over myself, red-eyed & puffy faced. in fact, i’m quite recovered. but ya know, when simple little black & white words glowing forth from the computer screen touch you enough to produce tears, i think you should share. instead of cluttering your email inbox with crap you might not feel the need to read, i’ll just link here. you’re welcome.

taking a break from my current book (because i feel the need to get up, walk around the house, do something different every 75-100 pages or so), i caught up on the “best of” section of craigslist. yes, i’m aware of the irony of reading to take a break from reading, but hey, it’s in a different font, so it’s a change, right? plenty of people were singing the joys of cl, in more or less adventurous ways than the rest of us, and there were the usual doses of hilarity & vitriol in text form that make the best of section such an A+ way to kill hours. then along came this letter of thanks, that’s basically a prose version of the ‘casey, you can make it‘ aging irish setter dog food commercial. and yeah, by the end of a little cl post from some random anonymous person on the internet addressed to a god i don’t believe in, i’m all teary-eyed. i’m sure it’s partly my amazement about genuinely kind people doing things for strangers for no reward, partly a good friend’s recent loss of her own pet (and yes, her farewell post misted me up, too), and mainly the constant slow inevitable deterioration of Sheba. Di & Melissa were over today after a fun round of girly shopping for Melissa’s bridal gown, and Sheba raised a head but didn’t bother to get out of the crate when 3 people walked by, stopped, and said hi to her. “wow,” Di said, “she’s aged so much just since the last time i was here.”

just 4 posts later, about the time i was again dry-cheeked and clear-throated, we have this ode to grampa-hell-on-wheels. ironically enough, it’s about the same thing (the deterioration of age) and yet the exact opposite (NOT kindness of strangers). i laughed till i cried again.



  1. It’s amazing how we can be so moved by words we read on the web. That was a great mis-matched pair of posts you found.

    As for me, though I don’t cry all that easily (anymore), I have found myself choked up comparatively frequently by blog posts I have stumbled across. It’s one of the strange facets of blogging that you can be so exposed to a stranger’s pain in such a personal way.

    Today, I was already feeling choked up by having just read a post by someone I read regularly who works with the homeless.

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