Posted by: fireweaver | January 11, 2008

you’ve come a long way baby?

i’m driving home today, and as i’m pulling up to my neighborhood, Rick James’ “superfreak” is firing up on the radio (gotta love the wacky variety mash of XM). now, the first thought is of course, damn, what a savage groove; it really is an awesome song. but second thoughts? let’s just say, geez, isn’t it fantastic that we don’t live in 1981 anymore?

instead of taking the obvious potshot about the irony of a guy with waist-length be-glittered silvery hair saying he can’t take a chick “home to mother” (oops, i guess i just did), i’ll just tell you that i had one of those childhood-to-adult epiphanies. i remember being a kiddo and seeing ‘ghostbusters‘ in the theater, laughing at the funny parts, etc…and then again seeing it with new eyes oh, somewhere around college, when the scene of our posessed-by-demons heroine seducing our intrepid game-show-host-scientist took on a whole new meaning. “i make it a rule never to get involved with possessed people,” he says, quickly downshifting to “well, more of a guideline, really,” with the application of her partially-clad body. now, that went right over my 7 year old head, but made a direct hit on my 18ish noggin. i’d of course seen the movie numerous times in between that first one and my epiphany moment, but i guess i’d just not paid attentionto the details since it was so familiar. and my “superfreak” moment today was about like that: surely i’ve heard that funky little tune (even with all MC hammer-ness purged from my count) thousands of times, but it just hit me exactly what it’s about right then: a chick that (gasp!!) actually likes sex. “she’s never hard to please.”

yep, apparently what makes this chick super freaky is that she has the accouterments of deviltry laying around the place: “she has incense, wine and candles, it’s such a freaky scene!” holy crap, was this really all it took to be a kinkster in ’81? i’ve had all 3 stashed permanently around the place since i was about 19, and while i’m not claiming to be totally vanilla, a wine rack, some nag champa, and a closet shelf full of scented wax clearly does not a kinkster make. it’s amazing that just 15 short years previously, that would have been in any way unusual, let alone remarkable enough to sing about.

maybe more amazing is the attitude in the song (even more obvious in the video) about chicks having fun being unapologetically “naughty.” there’s no coercion to get this woman into bed, she just flat-out invites him to her hotel room, smiling and dancing and having fun with it all. this song’s not “come on eileen” or “tonight’s the night,” (from about the same time period) where some horny buck has to convince his hard-won chaste target to finally put out, nope, she likes him, he thinks she’s super, it’s all good. for not playing the chase-me games, though, for having the audacity to just decide to go out and get herself some sexin’, she gets labeled as not merely unusual, but in fact, as being a super freak. sigh.

oh well, maybe Rick helped make the idea that females can choose to be sexual beings a more mainstream one. after all, he did tell us in the end, “she’s alright, that girl’s alright with me.”



  1. You know, I don’t think I ever realized/noticed what the song was about, either. Funny that.

    Incense, wine and candles? So shocking.

    So glad that times have changed.

  2. I think he wrote that song about you….. 😉
    Superfreaky and alright with me!

  3. haha, considering the song came out when i was all of 4 years old…and didn’t then own any incense, wine, OR EVEN candles, i’m thinking at the time, i wasn’t so much superfreaky.

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