Posted by: fireweaver | January 23, 2008

powers that be

yesterday was one of those days that is so unrelentingly bad you start to believe there must be some cosmic gears out of crank to manufacture the crappitude. every last thing i did yesterday was a total exercise in futility.

i was off in the surgery suite, having a grand old time with one of my favorite techs (you know those people who you just work wonderfully hand-in-glove with? the ones that get you; they’re as laid-back or as uptight as you are, they know when to crack a joke and when to be focused. she’s one of those people) doing some routine procedures. now, back in vet school, they didn’t let us even think about touching the endoscope (KRAZY expensive!), so even dozens and dozens of these procedures later i still totally love getting to be In Charge with such a nice bit of equipment. unfortunately, even minor surgery is not a risk-free endeavor, and my patient had some complications, and then we were doing more involved surgery and sewing him up for 2+ hours. and then, as soon as i was done, he just gently faded away. he was stone-cold asleep the whole time, there was no suffering; these things just happen sometimes and it’s nobody’s fault. but damn, it’s both sad and frustrating as hell.

because of the unscheduled surgery, i had to postpone the class i was teaching by 30 minutes…and by the time i got there, worn out and not looking forward to teaching, nobody was able to show up due to the change in time. i enjoy teaching a lot, but the grind of teaching the entirety of 2 different AALAS certification levels all by myself for the past several months has really worn me down. people not showing up, when i’ve bothered to craft a lecture for them, compels my head forcefully towards my desk.

when i finally got home (late of course), i was greeted by the sight of the dog wedged sleeping underneath the aquarium stand, and by the stench of poop. ever since he’d been looking after Sheba for me over the xmas holiday trip, Chris has been keeping the dog in only the bottom half of the crate (think of it like a deep basket for her instead of an enclosed box). for the most part, this works out ok, as she’s too blasé/arthritic to step over the sides & leave. there have been about 3 or 4 times in the last month, though, that she’s gotten some pep and done just that at bedtime, and after i’d pick her back up and deposit her inside i’d vaguely consider re-assembling the crate. this time, she’d flipped the crate over onto its side, kicked/skidded it halfway towards the kitchen, crapped on that part of the floor, slipped in the mess, lost traction and was unable to get back up after coming to rest under the aquarium, and had peed all over herself to boot. after booting her outside for the duration, i scrubbed the floor with 4 different cleaning products until the odor & smears were removed. then came the fun part: carrying the sticky stinky matted furball up the stairs and starting Bath Wars. remember after the hell of last month’s bathtime rodeo that i was close to swearing this activity off to the professionals?  well, this one was worse.  after she’d cut her gum trying to bite me/herself, i got a length of twine from the craft room and muzzled her to get through it.  utterly heartbreaking.  and of course, she’d left me a poop in her crate this morning, so her back legs needed to be cleaned again.

but today?  apparently those cosmic cogs got miraculously re-set.  i didn’t do anything different, but it all worked out just fine anyway (hence the wondering if celestial gremlins are running it all):  my surgeries went textbook-smooth, both sessions of my class were well- and attentively-attended, the dog is doing fine.  i guess i’d better go light a scented candle to the FSM to keep it on the latter track for the rest of this week.



  1. i remember about 29 years or so ago, i was pretty much in the same situation with my babies as you were with yours. i didn’t have to muzzle you, because you didn’t have many teeth, so biting was not a danger. but i asked out loud of my cosmic leader why mothers had to deal with so much poop and humiliation, and of course now i know, that it has made me ever the more humble, and allowing. it has made me sensitive, caring, and empathetic of those who can no longer take care of themselves. you know, michelle, dogs really are just poeple souls in dog clothes, and when sheba comes back as a very well trained human, you may be the dog she chooses from the shelter…..

  2. Thanks for the kind words describing your tech. That has to be one of the finest compliments I have ever received.

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