Posted by: fireweaver | February 5, 2008

ladies, lock up your menfolk

well, that is, if you’re superstitious anyway, and believe in that whole “bad things come in 3s” bit.

yesterday was Chris’ birthday, and since he was working (and also since he was all stealthy and didn’t tell me the date until i *happened* to ask about it a mere 2 days before), i was going all low-key and cooking him a very nice dinner at home. he was supposed to get out of work around 6ish from some meeting, so he’d be here by 7 or so. the first glimmer of trouble showed up when the meeting ran late (until after 7).  the real implosion came when  i got a call from him closer to 8 saying he’d been in a wreck, but that he was fine. turns out he met up with a suicidal deer who, much in the same fashion as the one my car danced with last year, nonchalantly walked out into the middle of the road to be hit. while i escaped with merely a bent fender and an un-openable passenger door, his van is completely totaled. with the necessary hassles of moving the car to a safe spot and getting his mom’s car so he could make it to work today, dinner was sadly off.

well, that nice pricey cut of fish wasn’t going to stay edible indefinitely; more to the point, i felt horrible that he’d had such a craptacular birthday. obvious answer: make dinner tonight and take it to him at work. and lo, the movable feast was on, with herb-encrusted halibut, my infamous walnut rice, field greens salad, and a nice bottle of vouvray discreetly wrapped up. he actually got to take a break for a while, and i actually got to see him, so things went nicely.

on the way out, though, i got a call from a buddy who’s in town on a training session for her work, with some bad news of her own. turns out that in much the same way that stupid deer walking across the road was an oh-well-shit-happens sort of unavoidable/unexpectable mess, some moron ran an utterly red light this evening and likewise totaled her husband’s car. he’s in the hospital for observations & a broken arm, but is otherwise ok. and again, plans are all altered: it’s not likely he’s going to be up to flying here friday to meet up with her for our grand weekend out.  i just hope they can get the plane tickets at least partially refunded.

so, if you’re one of those superstitions sorts, lock your male relatives in the house for the rest of the week. in any case, people, just drive extra super careful, ok?

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