Posted by: fireweaver | February 11, 2008

kickin’ it old school

Natalie was in town for (part of) this weekend, following a training session in d.c. for her new job. i ducked out of work a hair early to pick her up from the metro station, and recounted some of the options i’d sent her via email. “i figure you’re stressed out from all the stuff this week, and you’re not here long, and since you don’t want to cram touristy stuff into an hour or two, the clear answer is to just drink like we’re in college.” she squee’d, and that was pretty much our plan for friday.

we adjourned to a wine bar not too far from my office and played catch up for a while (Chris briefly joined us before jetting off to work), hit a tasting in the next little township over, then had a glass at my house before going off to iron bridge for dinner. and more wine, of course. needless to say, we ended up enjoying a double handful of amazing vintages in the course of our travels. after dinner, we cruised by the theater, where Chris unearthed a print of michael clayton for us – as in, they’re not showing it anymore, but he had them run it in an empty theater just for the 2 of us. for all the complaints i have about his whacked-out work hours, there are times where it is indeed super cool. Nat & i agreed that we really liked what we managed to see of the movie…but about 30 minutes after i busted her for napping, she caught me right back. something to do with the fact that it was 2am, i’m sure.

so apparently, we can’t party quite like we did back in the day, but damn if we don’t make a good go of it.

after a run down to the airport, and some practical adult-type stuff like hitting a few car dealerships, Vi & Justin came over for a leisurely late dinner. Chris performed his standard magic (note to self: i am NOT taking that for granted!) in the kitchen, and both our buddies were amazed at the total lack of stove-competition or even general getting in each other’s way. over cooking and dinner, the conversation ranged from typographic fonts, insane asian parents, penis-enlargement spam email and how men really feel about such things, movies (of course), various veterinary patients from monkeys to chickens (also a given), cooking theory, and bizarro tales of exes, friends, and days gone by. which is to say, it was very much like the dinner parties i had throughout vet school, just on a smaller scale.

and completing our “damn i haven’t done this in a decade” motif, sunday was made for just napping. Chris had been working crazy late and then getting up reasonably early for the previous several days, catching a total of 8ish hours in a 3 day period. sunday was apparently his time to re-charge the batteries. i got up a couple of times, let the dog out & fed her, ran a load of laundry, etc…but eventually had to surrender to the siren song of a warm comfy bed. i devoured half a trashy vampire novel before he felt the need to wake up.

and that, too, was just fine with me.



  1. That sounds like a great weekend. Lots of fun, followed by a warm comfy bed and some warm comfy reading.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Many glasses o’ wine is never a bad thing. Speaking of random penis-enlargement spam, here are a couple gems that just had me chuckling- I gotta share:
    “Your most magnificent toy ever, unleashed amongst women with a vengeance.” and “Whip out your Secret Weapon, massive and intimidating” Wow, just wow!

  3. Ann, those are the kind that i just DON’T get! the hostile, aggressive ones are just mystifying to me (vengeance, weapon, intimidating, etc). impressive? sure, who wouldn’t want any characteristic (not limited to dick size) to be impressive? but the violence, like someone’s got to get back at the whole world for his formerly small penis, just k-razy!

  4. Your weekend sounds like way too much fun, Chelle. I keep telling G he needs to get another project in the DC area so I can fly up and hang. I’m starting to think I need to just grab some flier miles (for both me AND Suz) and invade !!

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