Posted by: fireweaver | February 12, 2008

spam emailers begone!

ok, all you wackos sending us wildly crazy email regarding our sex lives, you can stop now. not only is all that crapola ending up in our spam folders in the first place, but more importantly, game over. see, your stupid counterfeit pills? not necessary. we can just stroll over to the local walmart/cvs/etc and get ourselves some vitamin c. seriously.

according to our pals at U Trier (Germany: why is it that wacky stuff like this only gets done in europe?!), dosing yourself with 3k mg vitamin c daily makes you get laid more frequently and makes you feel more happy in general. the particularly interesting part was that the effects are more prominent in women, and “in subjects not cohabiting with their sexual partner.” so for all you guys complaining that you’re not getting enough, well, start making red bell pepper-based salads or figure out a way to make guava your standard dessert.

any of you guys still living at a major university (i.e., having full journal access due to your magnificent libraries), PLEASE feel free to email me a full-text version of this article. the abstract alone is just so tantalizing and (Lynn, here’s to you, darlin’!) i’m just itching to peruse the statistics of it all.

as a refresher for what those spam emailers should actually be targeting (size of junk being utterly valueless when compared to whether or not you have to peel each other off the ceiling), there’s a lovely review article published in ‘the psychologist’ that goes over the past decade or so of orgasm research (yay full text for all!). some fun tidbits:

  • dopamine fires up one’s orgasm potential. meaning that IV cocaine, aka “coke rush” is indeedy nearly the same thing as sex, and that there are reports of parkinson’s patients being treated with dopamine-agonists becoming hypersexual as a side effect.
  • contrary to what the spammers/black market drug suppliers would have you hope, “supplemental dosing with testosterone does not increase the frequency or quality of orgasms in men whose androgen levels are ‘normal’.”
  • we’ve got to figure out a way to temporarily shut off men’s prolactin production for recreational purposes: “in one case, a man who did not show prolactin release during ejaculation had three experiences of vaginal intercourse with ejaculatory orgasm without intervening refractory periods.” hmm…
  • the reason we all confuse love & sex is hard-wired into our brains: “fMRI studies found that men and women who were ‘intensely in love’, when observing pictures of their beloved, showed activation in [a part of your brain where the dopamine neurons are clustered].” this has got to be why i get all squishy-retarded whenever Chris first walks into the room. yeah, that’s it, hard-wiring.
  • ladies, our pain thresholds are more than doubled during orgasm. and for everyone, the same brain locations that light up during painful stimulation are also triggered during orgasm…amazing how your brain uses the same pathways for intense sensations to such different (easily mixed?) purposes.

the last part of the article deals with “non-genital orgasms” and is probably the most fascinating part of both the article and the potential of our amazing brains. occasionally, seizures have been reported to produce orgasms, and there are epileptics that have refused anti-seizure meds because of this. but the best is the women (sorry guys, apparently you’re not letting on that you can do this too?) who can trigger thought-induced orgasms. makes sense that it’s possible, since your brain does this when you’re having sex dreams, but wow, some people can do this on command when awake. and there’s something for you to work on thinking about really hard for the rest of the day.



  1. The article is winging its way over to you as I type 🙂

  2. That’s quite the Valentine’s Day post! 😉 Have a great one, hon.

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