Posted by: fireweaver | February 13, 2008

sneak preview – ‘spiderwick’

high on that list of perks of Chris’ job are the times where i get to traipse off to the theater for an early screening of something.  usually, it’s during the night-before-the-movie-opens,  error-checking screenings, but tonight there was an actual sneak preview like you remember from college.  considering that lately, i’ve been filling up on hard-hitting oscar dramas, a more lighthearted kids’ movie sounded like a great idea.

the spiderwick chronicles‘ is based off of a series of well-selling children’s books about a family that moves into a decrepit new england house out in the boondocks, and the fairy infestation going on around it.  reviews of the series on amazon lead me to believe the books are definitely written for the under-14 set (i.e., no Potter age-crossover love), but the movie nicely avoids that.  it’s fast-paced and action-y, but with a lot of real suspense going on.  you’re actually worried for the characters in quite a few places, and a few of the surrounding kids were (justifiably) scared of some of the situations.  go check out the trailer for an accurate picture of both the plot and tone of the movie: swashes are buckled, drama ensues.  since i was only expecting pretty, i was quite pleasantly surprised to get a solid story, too.


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