Posted by: fireweaver | February 14, 2008

not so much with the wallowing

ok, so this valentine’s day thing comes up every year, and sometimes it’s been nice and sometimes lame. which is to say, just like every other day ever, except with heart-shaped candy boxes at the grocery store. i genuinely failed to notice it was upon us, except that i was filling in the date on some exam forms a couple of days ago, and lo, it was the 11th. yeah, it’s a fake greeting card holiday; sure, at one time or another me & any other singleton has felt “the horrible crushing pressure!!!”; this year, meh, whatever. it’s not blipping on the radar in much the same way that most major holidays don’t of late, and i’m wondering if that’s because a)i’m getting older, holidays don’t **shine** like they did in childhood, b)the culture of diversity has edged the focus off of any one experience flavor as being definitive.

in any case, best alterna-day ever: palentine’s day. hi-5, ya’ll!

i asked Chris last night at the theater, “you’re not going to do any wacky valentine’s crapola, right?” since he’d been ever so extravagant at christmas. he assured me that wasn’t to be the case, and thusfar, word is bond. he sent me a smoochy email; i sent him some do-it-yourself candy hearts right back, and we’ve effortlessly restrained ourselves to just that. besides, it’s thursday, which is movie-theater-inventory-night, so he’s rocking that work thing until loooong after i’ve gone to sleep.

but i did spread some love to all today at work. i’d gotten called out of my office to attend to an injury that ended up being a false alarm. i was already geared up, though, when the all’s-well came through, and it was only 30 minutes until time to bail out, so i figured i’d just go dispense some candy do rounds. at least a couple of times a month throughout my residency, i’d fill up my lab coat pocket with trail mix and go offer tidbits to the monkeys. it occurred to me this afternoon that it’d been approximately forever since i’d passed out treats for no good reason, and that really is one of the most fun parts to working with these guys. i ended up staying a lot longer than the 30 minutes, but it’s hard to rush through some fuzzy monkey quality time.

now i’m chilling at home, safe in my knowledge that all is right in the world: chinese rhesus youngsters are cuter than anything, pigtails are nearly always consummate gentlemen. now i just have to figure out what to do about dinner. so, you know, same sort of stuff as any night.


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