Posted by: fireweaver | February 21, 2008

embers in the sky

in case anyone missed the lovely burnt-orange lunar eclipse last night, the weather channel has some good pictures up.  there’s nothing like it for about another 3 years (unless you live elsewhere in the world, where you’ll have some partial eclipses), so hope you stayed up to check it out!



  1. Argh! Yes, I’d be in the “anyone who missed it” camp. Why did I only hear lots about this after the fact?

    But you say I have only 3 years to wait for the next one? Maybe I can mark it on my calendar now.

  2. I’d be another one that missed it, only I kept going outside to see it (with all of my West Nile mosquito buddies), only the entire sky way very densely overcast so we couldn’t get anything but the nuclear glow from Walmart.

    Damn storm systems. I miss the eclipse *and* it’s muggy here.

    Ta for the linky dink.

  3. It was so great! and so beautiful, tho it was really cold standing out to watch it. Long time since I have been here, you doing good? Anywaysssssss I am linking you now, so I will check on ya all the time..


  4. It was too overcast at my house to see it. I made sure to take the dog for his walk at eclipse time, but then couldn’t find the moon. Too cloudy 😦

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