Posted by: fireweaver | February 23, 2008

racism: yr doin’ it wrong.

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Chris tells me that he got called up to the box office a few days ago to deal with an unhappy customer. turns out that the guy had bought a couple of child tickets and meant to buy all adult ones, and wanted to trade. the nice people told him that wasn’t a problem; all he had to do was fill out the standard refund form, and they’d be all done. apparently, since the time expenditure difference of 45 seconds vs 90 seconds was going to be too long, he wanted a manager called over to hustle the process along. Chris of course told the guy the same thing the cashier had: no problem, just gotta fill out this little form. a hissy fit was thrown via the waste of time, he filled out the form anyway, and went on his merry movie-watching way.

well, today, the head manager for the theater got an irate email from this guy, ranting about the same problem. he’d been treated unfairly, he said, and was forced to waste his time with this form, and wanted passes to compensate. he went on to hypothesize that this was because he was vietnamese, and the manager in question was hispanic, and everyone knows that hispanics are racist to all asians.

huh. i did not know that. has anyone ever heard of hispanic-on-asian racist strife?

oh, and ps: Chris? korean, not hispanic. nice try there guy, no free passes for you.


  1. so sad, the things that are blamed on race. i am entitled to be right in my opinions, after 55+ years, (so i say), but i think most of the issues are due to low IQ, not race. i had a patient yesterdaym gravida 17(17 FOR GOD”S SAKE!!!!!) para 12. she came in wearing a tank top and stretch pants over her 340 lb. ass and i thought that odd, till she came out of the bathroom and inquired about how to put the gown on. did i mention that she was butt naked? o, except for the 10 yards ( i kid you not) of pony beads she had strung around her waist and upper torso. so i asked the obvious question, as i was snapping up her gown, “what are the beads for” to which she answered, “chastity belt”. i thought what the hell, go for it, so i told her that it wasn’t working. it only got worse, because, iasked her the standard questions on the assessement form. is the baby’s father involved? and she said “whose father?” so i asked if she had a husband or boyfriend to help her with the baby, to which she responded,”sometimes i feel a mans presence. sometimes i go to sleep with the covers here” (she points to her neck),”and i wake up and the covers are here”(she points to her thighs). so since i cannot laugh because that would be unprofessional. so i just play with her, cause she will not renmember anyway, or if she does, nobody will think her credible. i say, yep, there was a pressence there. probably a man, judging from the shape of your belly. i asked if she was having a tubal after this delivery, and she screamed at me “what? i have asthma and i need my tubes to breathe!!!. i assured her her that one did not need fallopian tubes to breathe, as evidenced by the “pressence” that came to her 9 months ago. “he dont have tubes” i told her . she had to think about that one. i was having such a good time, but as all things do end, so to did she, and i had to stop, because she made no sence. we sent her on her way with the poor baby still in utero, and i look forward to seeing hre again. she said to me as she left ” you only want me gone because i am not from this world,dont you? i assured her that i looked forward to her coming back when she is term in another 7 weeks, and that no, we see patients from all planets. i love my job. s

  2. Ya know, more and more now we have started pulling the Race Card and for no reason.. Just to get something free?

    They need to let all of that stuff just fly way! Doing racism period is wrong..


  3. hahah!! this is so funny! And at the same time sad. So are you saying that the manager was actually Korean and he thought he was Hispanic, and the customer was Vietnamese?! Silly customer.

    All i know is that from what I have seen it is not intelligence, or race, or anything else that can be generalized…it is what was taught to that specific person…and he and his “teacher” should be bopped!

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