Posted by: fireweaver | March 3, 2008

monday lists: wine!

the super Eden over at NaBloPoMo had this great idea wherein anyone can fire up the blogging-every-day-for-a-month bit at any time, not just november, by announcing a monthly theme. this month, it’s supposed to be coming up with a list every day…which i’ll be doing at least once a week, but not every day.

monday being a good day to start stuff, and fresh from a trip to iron bridge with the crew, here’s this week’s monday list: wines that kick so much ass they were worth quests to find them again!

1. babcock 2006 “grand cuvee” pinot noir. easily the bestest thing i drank tonight, a horrible reminder of where your extra money goes when you spend $40 instead of $15 on your pinot.  this kind of beauty totally throws a crimp in the quest to find rocking pinot for under $15, but if that’s the worst thing that happened to me today, sweet!!

2. hugl gruner veltliner. had a bottle of this a couple of weeks ago, fell totally in love with the bright, crisp, very slightly spicy white. goes beautifully with whatever you’re cooking, and is a total steal at ~$10 for a liter bottle. who knew austria made tasty stuff??

3. juan gil jumilla. one of those random things, like the veltliner, that by the time i get around to drinking it i have no idea of its origins (i.e., where did i buy this?  did someone give it to me?  how much did i pay for it?  what the heck is jumilla anyway??). after drinking this one, the empty bottle sat on the floor near the wine rack for nearly 6 months – had to remember the pretty silver tree label – before i was able to find replacements. also a super under $15 bargain.

4. frei brothers cab. a housewarming gift from one of my army buddies (thanks Jim!!), well worth seeking out. for some odd reason, the local wine stores frequently carry everything *but* the cab from this winery, so it was tricky.

5. jip jip rocks shiraz. spicy, and with the bitter-chocolate flavor particular to mclaren vale-made shirazes. i’ve given it as gifts to wino buddies. it’s that tasty.

6. and also some standard faves, all extra affordable, to keep around the house pretty much all the time:

yum! any recommendations you want to share?


  1. […] full shelves. yes, already full. after buying a case when out wine-tasting with a friend, and then another the following week, i’m on a wine moratorium. and the bottles aren’t the only thing i’ve gone nutso […]

  2. You might be interested in an Austrian Red wine as well. It’s absolutely delicious and is from the area where Zinfandel was originally from. There it’s called Blaufrankisch. Check out my blog:

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