Posted by: fireweaver | March 6, 2008


uh oh, i’m totally turning into this guy.

my new bouncy ball showed up today. side note: wow, what’s up with the postal service?! i just ordered 2 days ago, and didn’t pay for the fancy shipping, so zoom! anyway, i’m perched on a blue ball just like in the vid, and yes, it does indeed rule. apparently, according to the pics of very buff people on the box, this ball is for exercising. yeah, right, it’s for bouncing on like a little trampoline for my butt (also, for making my spine comfy without sitting on one leg until my foot goes numb, and then switching). my inner 3 year old is in charge of my home office right now, and we’re having a blast.



  1. Happy bouncing!

  2. I have a regular exercise ball (so like that one in the video) and one stability ball. The stability ball is a little on the short side for me, so I use that one for stretching more than sitting.

    And you are exercising, whether you like it or not :p

    And as for chairs, use that ball for exercise, what you really need is this:

  3. ok, the hawaii chair is officially the most hilarious thing i’ve seen all day. and weirdly reminds me of those old-timey vibro-bands people would wrap around their abdomens at the gym.

    meanwhile, i am indeed happily bouncing. i think we’re going to order these at work.

  4. I love mine also! I have been to an abs class with mine and love i sooooo much. I could work with mine also!

    Happy Bouncing


  5. OMG I just finally watched Hawaii Chair.. I haven’t laughed that hard all week. AHAHHAH

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