Posted by: fireweaver | March 9, 2008


as i’ve mentioned before, my mom is awesome.

if there were X-TREME! SPORTS! momgames, she would have a pretty solid showing. top marks in baking (“oh, please, you call that a cookie? eat this!”), chauffeuring kids to varying after-school stuff (“band, then soccer, then dance! lifeguarding!”), and practical life skillz (“money: checks in the book do not equal cash in the bank”). fo real. but she’d pull the gold medal out of the clutches of all other moms for her serious sewing talents. she used to make all my homecoming/prom formal dresses – such things being ridiculously expensive, and there being very little selection for a fat teenager in the early 90s – and she’d make them lightning-fast. typical mom m.o. involved us picking out the pattern and fabric several weeks before the event…and then letting the supplies gather dust for those several weeks. a night or two before i needed it, she’d remember, “oh, crap, i have to make that dress for you, don’t i?” and in a few mere hours, she’d whip out a flawlessly fitted formal gown. and i’m not talking from one of those ‘easy-sew in 1 hour!’ patterns, either. cinderella’s mice have nothing on Susan.

further case in point: once upon a time during my freshman year or so, i met up with some classmates in a dorm room to work on a group project. the owner of this room had this incredible quilt up on her wall, depicting various campus landmarks, with things personalized for her. the little details of it were all kinds of fascinating, like how the seamstress had used a greyish gingham of densely packed tiny flowers to make the inside of the football stadium, giving the impression that it was full of people. i told my mom about this wonder on the phone that night, and she announced that she could totally do that. i took some photos around campus, grabbed a few postcards with the icons of the place, and bundled it off to mom. it got started, then got stashed in a closet, and forgotten about halfway through, since there was no looming homecoming deadline to make this gown.

sorting through that closet last year, as part of the Great Clean Up project, mom found that box again. and a couple of months ago, this appeared at my house (and i just got done hanging it today…seems procrastination is clearly genetic):

yep, there is my quilt. kyle field is filled with maroon-and-black gingham, even more true to life. the academic building is amidst its trees, with a fantastically bronze-colored sully out front. i have my graduation announcement in the bottom corner, the seal of our class ring in the middle, and of course, the dog.

thanks, mom. you rock.



  1. Be still my Aggie heart! I’m soooo jealous. That quilt is all sorts of awesome!

  2. I’m the most die-hard Longhorn out there.. and even I must admit, your quilt is AWESOME! your mom rocks! I would so buy one of those of our campus. But, it would mean so much more if my mom made it. I hope you hung that prominently on a wall somewhere. 🙂

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