Posted by: fireweaver | March 14, 2008


my little sister flew in last night, and we’ve been having a blast. the airport is very close to Chris’ theater, so after picking her up, we had some dinner and then caught a movie (‘miss pettigrew lives for a day‘, which is cute and very sweet and feels like an old-fashioned 50s romp). it’s always fun to be able to spread Chris’ free movie privileges around.

today, after i had to go run some work-errands for a couple of hours, Chris met us back up at my house before we headed off for fun stuff in the afternoon. he was being all cute and charming, chatting my sister up over a snack before we rolled out, telling us how “all my fellow managers came up to me last night and wanted to know all about your friend here, wink wink. had to shut them down with a ‘hey guys, she’s 18 and she’s from TX, so if you still want me to introduce you…’ but they all thought she was hot.” of course they did. she’s cute and petite and blonde, and weighs less than half of what i do. i’ve never felt that stereotype of ‘the fat chick the slender girls keep around to make them look conversely more appealing’, but damn, i sure did right then.  i immediately flashed to what i’d been wearing last night – black & grey v-neck, dove grey pants, very tall-heeled black boots, with my hair down – and thought i was rather well put-together. “and of course, your manager buddies never mention anything about your girlfriend at all,” i say. “well, i don’t care about them,” he says in a brilliantly smooth try for a save, “you’re always beautiful to me.”

yup, all the degrees and dollar signs and professional respect and intelligence and personal confidence in the world apparently don’t mean shit. the first response is a panicky re-assessment of my looks, and the second is to wheedle complimentary reassurances out of poor Chris. some fucking feminist i manage to be. ah, well, at least i successfully avoid engaging in any mental girl-on-girl hate-crimes; i know it’s nothing to do with her personally at all. i don’t even bother to hate them for liking her better. it just makes me kinda sad, about me.



  1. Oh puh-leeze! Chica, u’r one cute redhead- and coming from another, you know my words are true! I know what it’s like: my sis is all tall ‘n athletic- mile long legs, equestrian wear model-y type, but I got the (semi)-bubbly personality ‘n boobs (her words). You, my dear, know how to work what ya got! THAT is what counts! 😉 BTW, Seattle is great- I’m all caffienated and waiting to head out to Whidbey Island for the afternoon. Yippee!

  2. Oh, Chelle. You know you’re fabulous! Most girls would also kill for your hair. It’s gorgeous.

    I can’t believe your little sister is 18. I think she was 7 or 8 the last time I saw her! LOL

  3. aww, it’s ok ladies, i don’t need the propping-up. i was just amazed at myself at how quickly years of chick-indoctrination can rear its head over my modern mindset. fear not, i know my own worth, and i’m comfy in my own skin…that ugly gut reaction just took me by surprise.

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