Posted by: fireweaver | March 20, 2008

just like magic

today is the vernal equinox, meaning it’s officially spring, meaning that if only the world behaved according to the numbers on that calendar, i could stash the snowshovel back in the basement until next year.  today was cold and grey, with crazy high winds and a nip in the air; not exactly springlike.

this past weekend while strolling the mall, my sister and i saw the very occasional “confused” tree, blooming well before any of its’ neighbors had gotten the “winter’s over” memo.  “you’re missing it by a few weeks,” i told her, “the big bloom show is always so pretty, but not until then, i guess.”  but there were those random optimistic little redbuds and hedges we saw…

well, this morning, after a moderately obnoxious commute, i turned onto the street my building occupies to be met by Spring.  in the median down the street, there’s a row of lovely, gracious, grandiose bradford pears, each of who’s branches overarch not only their grassy strip but a lane to either side.  i’m always amazed that they don’t get hacked back down to tidy submission, but there they are.  in the fall, they provide a spectacular reverse-tunnel of blazing fall color as you dip into the little valley of the street and back out again.  yesterday, there was a vague dingy haze of tan-yellow along the ends of the branches.  promptly on time for the calendar today, those bud caps split open, and all of those trees burst into lacy white bloom.

happy spring, everyone!



  1. I’m so ready for Spring now. The closest I’ve seen of it are my crocuses starting to poke spiky bits out of the dirt.

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