Posted by: fireweaver | March 25, 2008

monday lists: bad girl no shop!

Chris was making a strange but lovely concoction for dinner last night: scallops, snap peas, green onion, and garlic sauteed in butter – then stuffed into a nearly foot-long squid (!) which he tossed on the grill. having only had calamari from quite obviously much smaller squid, i had no idea what was going on when he tossed the package in the cart, but i was totally pleased with the result. i wandered over to the wine rack to select something, marveling at the stash of cab & zin piled 2 bottles deep on each shelf. i’d had the annual spring bbq this weekend, and oh yes, my peeps know me well: several delicious bottles appeared on the already full shelves. yes, already full. after buying a case when out wine-tasting with a friend, and then another the following week, i’m on a wine moratorium. and the bottles aren’t the only thing i’ve gone nutso over, so this week, stuff i’m not allowed to buy right now.

1. wine. once upon a time, when i lived in TX, the grocery stores all sold beer & wine right there in the store, from noon to midnight. because it was so readily available – you could pop into the store and pick up veggies for a stir fry and a nice chenin to go with all at once – i had a small 12-bottle rack perched on top of the fridge. in this crazy state, since you have to make a special separate trip to the liquor store, the storage facility had to be swiftly upgraded to a 44-bottle rack. which then led to occasional large “stocking trips” to the wine shop of choice when the rack looked low, which then led to it seeming perfectly reasonable to buy a case at a time, which has led to my current overstock situation.

2. socks. around our 2nd year or so, i had a buddy in vet school that started wearing the wackiest socks, with the philosophy that white socks didn’t actually match anything anyway, so why not just go all out? this of course made sense, and hey, my shoes generally cover them up too, and it was on. i picked up a cute pair on a business trip here or a shopping excursion with mom there. then came a trip to kohl’s wherein a mighty plethora of adorably printed hosiery (puppies! frogs! elephants with mahouts!) was on massive clearance. walmart once had 5(!) different prints of monkey socks (!) on for a buck each. and this winter, i fell giddily in love with some knee-high models. see, they keep you as warm as long johns, but without the obnoxious bunching around your pants. then i spent a lot more than i care to admit at sock dreams (knee-high rainbow stripes. in both colors. LOVE). my drawer, it overfloweths.

3. underwear. for some reason, i can’t pass by a sale rack of panties without seeing if there’s some in my size. i’ve bought insane amounts whenever victoria’s secret has one of their big clearances. walmart and target get in a kitschy/kiddy/colorful selection of cheapies monthly or so. and i love ’em all. a few times a month all throughout vet school, our clique would get together at someone’s house (generally mine, because i like to cook for a big group) for dinner & drinks & hilarity. at one of these events, Kelly piped up that she was wearing a super wonderful new pair of undies and that they were the best ever. one of the guys asked if they were some super sexy number for her husband’s benefit, and she said no, that in her experience guys generally didn’t care so much about the gift wrap, she was buying nice things for herself. i wholeheartedly agreed on both counts, and we promptly commenced trading discreet peeks at our skivvies. it became a running joke to do so throughout the remainder of school, and i’m sure i’ve just never lost the fun of a delightfully cute pair. this drawer, also, it overfloweths.

4. stuff for the walls. my art collection is pretty well capped out. an ex used to tease me about how i could start suspending things from the ceiling, since the walls were quite full. i abhor art selected solely to match the couch colors; conversely, when something actually reaches out and grabs me, i can’t help but covet and take it home with me. my house is thusly adorned with a random and eclectic mix from a maxfield parrish poster to a spray-paint original to signed lithos. this one’s probably the longest-standing ban, since i haven’t bought any wall art but a metal decoration for the master bathroom in several years. i keep getting plenty of wonderful little things as gifts, though.

moratoria of impulses past:

  • ebay. the whole “shop victoriously” ad campaign they have going on? damn if that’s not accurate. the whole, “AIEEEEEEEEE!!!! it’s MINE!!!!!” thing is ever so addictive. had to cut myself off entirely for a few months once.
  • books. when i was studying first for national boards, and then again for lab animal boards, i was on a strict no-reading-for-fun embargo. shopping for books would have blown that out of the water, so it was a no-purchase time as well. large purchases from half price or amazon followed very shortly on completion of both of these tasks.

but i’m ok now.  think i’ll go read my current trashy vampire novel and have a glass of wine…gotta get through all of that deliciousness anyway, right?



  1. I’m with ya on the oversupply of panties and books. Wine… well, wine never seems to hang around very long in my house. I have a wine fridge now that’s almost always empty. I’ll have to stock up at Total Wine on the way home. I love me some Total Wine… it’s the only place around here that has an ENORMOUS wine selection and also sells Shiner.

  2. I am a Wine drinker by blood! LOL!! I am Jewish so we drink wine for everything. So I got a butt load of wine at all times..

    My one passionate shopping habit I cannot break from is Shoes and Handbags! I am addicted…

    Books is something that I love also..

    Have a nice Week!


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