Posted by: fireweaver | March 31, 2008

monday lists: surgifying

all day long, both today and friday, i was slogging through a pantsload of surgeries. it went on way too long – we’re a contract lab, and if the client wants all their samples on just 2 days instead of spreading out to 4 or so, well, that’s what they’re getting – but everything went well. i don’t often blog about work because a)it’s a low-drama environment and b)it all seems pretty routine to me, since i do it every day. but in fact, my job is pretty damn cool.

1. surgery: it’s WAY stressful to some people, but the rest of us find taking things apart and putting them back together successfully to be an enjoyable time. it could be that it’s just the most direct and immediate testament to the years one spent slogging through a medical education, as opposed to the slower, more gradual pace of medical treatments; it could be that it’s the expression of both my father’s mechanic tendencies and my mom’s nursing. i’m not doing emergency life-saving open-heart interventions…but that’s a good thing; i don’t really want any OMG!!!!!!!! drama at work. i have a fair number of opportunities to sew stuff up, and i’m very vain about the cosmetic prettiness & lack of scarring about my skin-fixing.

2. toys: in vet school, whenever someone was busting out the video endoscope for something, we’d be about 5 people deep in the whole thing. the head honcho would be driving the scope, and maybe the senior resident would occasionally take it for a spin, but if the handful of interns weren’t anywhere near the steering wheels, us students might as well have been on pluto. we have a very nice one at work, and i drive.

3. my office: it’s cute with the new furniture that i picked out last year, it’s spacious, has a window, and i even have my own personal tiny fridge. sweet. bonus: space on the wall for a cluster of “yes, i really am all hoity-toity educated” documents in their frames.

4. field trips: i got to go to 3 meetings last year, all of which were paid in full. last year’s CE requirements are totally covered, and they were all quite good meetings. we’re short by one vet now, so i’ll be missing a few of the upcoming professional get-togethers until we rectify that, but i’m sure there will be more soon. it makes me feel like a total grown-up professional taking on the whole world every time i get to buy plane tickets and hotel reservations that i don’t have to pay for out of pocket.

5. non-drama: there is of course the occasional interpersonal tussle; i think any office with more than 3 people has had somebody mad at someone else at some point. but i’ve worked in a mad scientist’s version of a sorority house, and this just ain’t it. everyone gets along reasonably well, and even the people that don’t like each other enough to ever get together outside of work are still perfectly capable of getting their jobs done simultaneously. it’s a very team-oriented type of gig we’re running, so it’s critical that everyone’s able to play nice, and it’s awesome that it actually works that way.



  1. So your place of work is the anti-place of my work. That sucks… for me :p

    Just tell me you can go to AALAS this year, cuz the higher ups are all bent out of shape I didn’t go last year, so they’ll be makin’ me go! woo!

  2. Your job does sound cool. I want toys.

    (Actually, I think my job is cool, too. But I don’t get an office. Or a desk of my own, even. On the other hand, I get to play with spectrograms, and that’s almost like toys for me.)

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