Posted by: fireweaver | April 7, 2008

monday letters: wedding bells

this month’s nablopomo theme is “letters: love letters, typography, photos of interesting signs — quite a few possibilities this month!” well, i love all ya’ll, of course, and i am fascinated by typography, and it’s DC, there are **plenty** of interesting signs…but i’m still thinking this is a once-a-week theme for me.

but that being said, man, i have received a LOT of letters this past month. apparently, this year is when half of the non-legally-attached people i know are feeling the need to stop living in sin, as it were. and it’s either a gloriously amazing astral alignment, or just the wisdom of not being 23 anymore, but all 4 of these wonderful couples are indeed really excellent pairings.

Kara & Ryan‘s is on may 10th in the homeland, and these guys totally win the award for best invite. they had little pictures of rubber duckies in tux & gown, and reminded their recipients to RSVP with “don’t duck out on us!” should have been overly cutesy, but is instead A++. best part: RSVP card says: “will you be joining us? _______ (exclamation)! we (can/cannot) attend…” the opportunity to say something charmingly salacious in the adult version of madlibs is highly amusing.

Gaby & Larry are having a private civil ceremony, oh, sometime late this month, i believe. but they’re having a big post-nuptial schindig about 2 seconds from my house may 31st.

Candace & Bobby are likewise doing the something low-key, either a small civil ceremony, or a ceremony at their/a friend’s house, followed by the big party on the lawn, august 8th. bonus points for the easiest wedding anniversary date EVAR: 8.8.8.

2 days later, on the 10th, Melissa & Chris will be having a way swanky affair in napa valley, at a super posh resort. romance & wine country, aaah, i’m blissed out just thinking about it.

now all i have to do is just get busy buying some plane tix.



  1. Yours is weddings.. mine is baby showers. I just got my THIRD baby shower invite in less than two weeks. All of them are out of town, so it’ll just be a present from “Auntie Christine”

  2. […] For Your Friends’ Weddings program; the worries of whether or not i’d be able to float 2 different plane tix promptly evaporated. Thanks to the FESFYF, i’ll be chilling in san antonio with crew before […]

  3. […] saddle of the last couple of weeks has now finally gotten swatted. several months ago, i noticed a bloom of wedding invitations for this spring/summer, and was all excited that my tax refund windfall would allow me to travel to […]

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