Posted by: fireweaver | April 10, 2008

your tax $ at work

my dad is the world’s biggest slacker on paying his taxes. mom’s bitterest tale of woe about such things was the year that they were owed a several-thousand dollar refund…that turned into a couple-thousand dollar payment by the time he’d forgotten to do something about it 2 extensions later. now, i’m not that bad (mom’s oft-expressed woe probably has something to do with it), but i am a natural procrastinator, so i sincerely doubt i’ve ever paid my taxes before april. it’s a true wonder i can keep track of the pile of w2s & whatnot for the several months they’re sitting around the house.

turbotax has been harassing reminding me via weekly email notices about how much fun we’ve had doing this the past few years. today’s heads-up informed me in alarmist language that we had ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT, FILE NOW!! point taken, so that was today’s official project of the day when i got home from work. those weasels at turbotax, however, have jacked the price up from free federal + <$20 for state to $30 federal and some ominously unspecified amount for the state return. we had a quick break-up, after which i started in at taxact: free federal, <$15 state. i’ll hold off on the glowing review until after the money is actually disbursed, but it was certainly as painless as my former e-countant.

halfway through filing, i was sad. there was a nice raise for me late this summer, and the running tally in the upper corner let me know that i was about to have to pay a couple hundred to the feds. then we hit the section about just how much i’m ponying up for my insane DC-burbs mortgage. adios payment, helllllloooo refund! apparently, this is the Federal Enforced Savings For Your Friends’ Weddings program; the worries of whether or not i’d be able to float 2 different plane tix promptly evaporated. Thanks to the FESFYF, i’ll be chilling in san antonio with crew before Kara & Ryan’s shindig, then driving to austin afterwards to spend a day with even more peeps. the extra good news is that (barring unforeseen theatrical crises) Chris gets to go with, and i’m ever so excited to have everyone & their cat(s) meet him.

now all i have to do is keep reminding myself i don’t have new money, i don’t have new money, i don’t have new money.


  1. Just let me know if you’ll have any gaps in your painfully busy schedule to entertain someone willing to drive 5 hours to meet ya 😉

  2. DOOD. don’t even question. drive on up to austin for fun times on sunday, and we’re there. obvs, i want you to meet mr.christopher, too!!!

  3. It was extraordinarily painful how much I owed Uncle Sam this year. Thank FSM for the savings account.

  4. […] my irs windfall has been actually deposited into my bank account.  i managed to say no last week to a way cute […]

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