Posted by: fireweaver | April 14, 2008

monday letters: stop the insanity

dear fsm, god, gaia, global warming, el nino, whatever deity/agency is responsible for this weather:

aka, to whom it may concern:

all indications have been given that it is, indeed spring. winter was officially gone by the calendar over 3 weeks ago. the sun has been shine-shining, enough that the brutal time change of several weeks ago has been somewhat forgiven. things have been warming up, and i moved all my plants outside and had a magnificent (downstairs) spring-cleaning more than a week ago. according to the official source, the peak bloom for springtime cherry blossoms is already over,

though about half of them on my am commute would disagree.

the flowering bradford pears are most definitely more green than white. the later-starting redbuds have done exactly that.

it got up to 80ish on friday night, with the temperature shift being swift and noticeable enough that i grumbled about switching the lever over directly from “heat” to “cool” without a lingering few months of “off”.

in short, winter is over. you already sent out numerous memos to that effect (see preceeding). sure, i was a little wistful at having to put away all my lovely new knee-high socks

so soon after their purchase, but that was no reason to go and get crazy. to be blunt, WTF was up with this morning, huh?! i had to locate the ice scraper to remove the layer of rime from the windshield. the tender tropical plants i just put out on the back patio certainly don’t appreciate these shenanigans, deity/agency responsible, and frankly i don’t either. now let’s get working on that lingering few months of “off”, shall we?


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