Posted by: fireweaver | April 29, 2008

monday letters – literally

so, for the last one this month, i’m (of course) proctastinatorily late, and will share something that’s been perking along in my brain for a few weeks now.  netflix now has an unlimited-to-members online streaming movie service, which means that you can get in an hour of whatever they have available whilst on your lunch break.  in this method, i tore through the first season of ‘dexter‘ in a few weeks (starts off kinda meh, but gets strong by mid-season, finishes huge), and have my eye on a few other things.  since it’s free (well, i’m already paying for it, anyway), and **right there**, i have a tendency to be a bit more…quirky?…with my viewing habits.  sort of like watching random crap on youtube, or tumbling along random chains of info on the wiki.  which somehow led to

which, yes, is every bit as dry and nerdy as you’d expect a documentary about type font to be.  and yet, it’s a totally fascinating story of art-as-commercial tool, and the way that simple brush strokes express an idea.  i’ve been hyper-aware of signage & logo fonts ever since.


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