Posted by: fireweaver | May 5, 2008

monday voices: when good goes stupid

this month, the blogging theme is “voices“, which is both interesting and ambiguous. which is to say, i’ll be letting other (intriguing) people do the talking for me on these days, i think.

sadly, for the kick-off today, it’s intriguing-in-a-very-bad-way. everybody remembers ben stein, of course, for his droning “bueller, bueller” bit, but then he had this fun game show when i was in college. turns out the guy was a presidential speech-writer and all kinds of brainy; the show was a more snarky version of jeopardy, with stein-as-trebek doing battle instead of just acting smug with the answers in front of him. he came off as witty and clever, but kept it clean, and the whole thing was a celebration of being an unabashed intellectual. nice.

occasionally, we’re going to disagree with the man. i mean, his presidential speeches were for republicans, after all, he is a conservative. he’s a big pro-life activist, sadly, but he’s never been full-on publicly crazy, and he’s been off the radar lately in general.

and then there was this:

it’s kind of lengthy, so if you don’t have 10 minutes to kill, i’ll give you the short version. stein says to a christian tv show host (he’s busy promoting his wacky-ass creationism movie), with a totally straight face as though it’s the most obvious of facts, that, “science leads to killing people.” intellectuals everywhere hear the sound of a flushing as their previous goodwill opinions of him go bye-bye. aka, *headdesk*.

i do have to say that this video clip is rather left-wing propaganda-y. very much a “let’s mock the stupid creationists” kind of feel to it, which is a bit harsh. i mean, love whoever you want to love, let’s just keep the wackiness out of the classroom, ok? but then, just a while ago, a friend sent me this missive from the realms of (un)intelligent design, and i was reminded of the necessity of occasional mockery. the comments on pharyngula are always half the attraction, so read the first hundred or so if you have a sec.

edit: apparently, i was hitting “save” instead of “publish”, so my last 2 posts didn’t show up. but they’re here for your love now!


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