Posted by: fireweaver | May 13, 2008

monday voices: the people i love

usually for me, vacations are marked by where i was eating (see last post). i’m a foodie, i like to hit local spots, just how it is. and while we certainly did hit some awesome bbq, and i did have my sunday magnolia brunch, and Chris did make an *epic* meal at our austin friends’ house, the food was secondary this trip. this one was time marked by the people, and the amazing and unexpected things they said.

sitting around friday night until 2 am, catching up with people, Dan somehow launched into psych meds, his former people patients and my current monkey patients. briefly coming up for air, “i love i can just bounce this off you,” and then back in.

Allison doing a stellar job raising her little girl after a bitter divorce, and the wholly altruistic way she’s careful to never trash-talk the ex in front of the kiddo. the kiddo following mom’s speech patterns with her own little proto-voice.

the simple girl talk Natalie and i chirped while simultaneously getting dressed for the event.

it’s a simple and lovely ceremony, Kara in a classy and classic flowy (not doily) gown, but indelibly stamped with their trademark humor. everyone in the wedding party sports citrus colors somewhere, and the best man laments his inability to have found tangarine socks. they sprint back down the aisle afterwards in pantomimed slow-mo to ‘chariots of fire’.

Dan at the reception, over a glass of whatever beverage we were helping ourselves to, “it’s the witty banter, i can’t get that just anywhere,” and Nat or Al agreeing, “when are you moving back?” my heart breaks. it’s so effortless to slot back in where i belong with these people, nothing to re-learn. tiny waves of a homesick melancholy come and go for the next couple of days, capping out with a brief crying jag today. this doesn’t happen after i have my brief annual christmas time visits; i’m not entirely sure what to make of it.

there’s a few wedding traditions i find charmingly genteel, and a few others that have me seeing red. a catered, musical party is the former, the idea of having my dad “give me away” at the alter is the latter. “Chris, how would you feel about an extremely non-traditional wedding?” i ask. “you mean avoid all the stupid rules and go for what’s important? i’d highly prefer it.” and then this man who i’m most certainly not in marriage negotiations with proceeds to discuss our theoretical future wedding with the same ease and lack of jitters as when we designed our dream house on our 3rd date.

zooming into austin at 1.30am saturday night, it took Chris & Matt approximately 90 seconds to become so lost in their own conversation that they ceased to notice us. “holy crap,” Michelle exclaims, shocked at the rapidity of that bonding. i laugh, unsurprised at all, and tell her that i’d informed him on our very first date, in response to something he’d said that indicated a congruent career line, “you’ve got to meet my bud Matt someday.”

at sunday bunch, we met up with Chris (a college buddy, another of that core group) before he headed back home to new orleans. he’s one of the people that took a job in the regrowing economy, and has met some brutally changed people. he told us tales of the flood that were straight out of a post-apocalyptic horror novel, things that were hinted at but not quite graphically undeniably reported in the news. rapes in the street, vigilante and criminal gangs alike, shooting home invaders both to defend yourself and your last can of beans, slow starvation over weeks. regarding an iron-eyed coworker, “there’s something that never leaves you when the last cop walks by, tosses his gun bag at your feet while he’s giving up, and says, ‘here, it’s all yours’.”  we ponder such things happening on a larger scale, or again, or elsewhere.  “every major city in the US is just 24 hours without food away from this wild pack mentality.”  i sincerely doubt my survival skills in such an event, instead, i’m going to have to rely on making myself extremely useful to some gun-toting white-hats via my skills in butchery or surgery.

not that the entire meal was ashes and bullets.  we have tales of monkeys and movies and work all around, enjoying the uniquely rich people watching in this town.  Chris gives me a fierce hug when he leaves.  somehow, he always has this glint in his eye when he smiles just so that says ‘don’t worry, this will all work out, you’ll see, we’ll all get back together again’.  especially odd given that he’s the most outwardly pessimistic of any of us.

after a wine tasting and a trip to the grocery store to fuel the epic dinner Chris has planned, we end up eating and boozing our way through sunday back at the house.  we talk about insane things our exes have done/are presumably doing, which of course are really admissions of our own individual nuttiness.  i learn to play ‘guitar hero’, and i’m hilariously bad at it the first time out.  Matt & Chris don’t ever really stop in their bonding, and of course given the people involved, it’s never stereotypical grunt-grunt male stuff.  though you can occasionally halt their flying discussion with a well-timed, “what?!”  Chris tells me, “these are great people, we need to be down here like every other weekend to do exactly this.”  we all discuss plans for an upcoming vegas trip.

so there were 3 very late nights followed by 3 very early mornings; i slept most of monday away to recover.  and of course i wouldn’t trade a second of it, and i’d instead wish for longer (and just a few more of those last missing crew).  i love you guys.



  1. I’m so jealous! I miss those chatty gatherings from back in the day. I get “homesick” sometimes, too. I’ll be bonding with some Aggie buds in Vegas this weekend- Kathleen is getting married. Maybe that will ease the cravings to head back Lone Star-way.

  2. I always get home sick when I go back to Austin. My friends are scattered all over the state, though. It’s hard, now, being in a state where no one’s known me longer than a year or two. You just don’t have that history and “remember when we.. ” like the old friends do.

    I shed a tear or two after a friend’s wedding back in Houston with a bunch of college friends.

  3. Sorry I missed it. Would have liked to see the old college crew again. Miss you all!!
    You should come visit me in Corpus!

  4. Very slow in commenting, I know, but my co-worker Mark just teacheded me how to use Google Reader to keep track of my RSS feeds.

    AAAAAnywho, better late than never. That really was a fantastic weekend, and Chris is one hell of a guy. I’m so glad you found each other. Vegas is gonna be off the hizzy! Fo sho.

    Love from yo Austin peeps, girl.

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