Posted by: fireweaver | May 18, 2008

written crack

when i was a little kid, the library branch for our part of town was in the back part of our subdivision.  my brother and i were allowed to haul off on our bikes over there all summer, totally unsupervised, and stay as long as we wanted doing whatever we wanted.  i don’t know if my brother was/is as fascinated by those wonderful day-long field trips as i was/am, but good lord they were fun times.  dad once got all pissy with me about some failure of my nascent ladylike table manners and told me that my punishment was to go look up emily post the next time i was up at the library.  i remember requesting the book from the librarian, who had to retrieve it from the behind-the-counter sanctum, and receiving this ginormous black-bound tome.  which i promptly burned through in a quick afternoon, being fascinated by little debates such as the proper side of the street for a gentleman to walk on when escorting his lady friend.  i corrected dad’s table manners shortly thereafter.

i’m on a pretty major book bender just now.  my netflix cue is totally neglected; i haven’t touched my online speed or puzzle games in weeks.  part of it is some things that have just been laying around here for a long time, part of it is about to be the harvest from a half price i hit when in austin, but what it’s really all about is re-discovering the library.  i grabbed 4 things for the plane trip last weekend, and 3 of them are gone.  meanwhile, i put two more on hold last week, and picked them up this afternoon.  it occurs to me that my reading habits are rather bizarre: today’s haul was an angsty teeny-bopper vampire bestseller, and a viciously subversive (possibly a hair misogynistic) screed against modern consumerism.  also, amazon is sending me 6 new books as we speak.  the “thousand and one books you must read” list has sent me a pair of wonderful things, and the ‘banned books list’ promises to do the same.  maybe it’s time to pick up some of the classics i missed in my youth?

Chris just came home, and he wants to watch a movie.  he’s lucky, i just finished the last one a few minutes ago.



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