Posted by: fireweaver | May 25, 2008

btw, indiana jones and the mild-to-moderate wtf

for some reason, i keep forgetting to post this, but here ya go.  once again, membership has it’s privileges & all, so some peeps got to go with me to see the new indiana jones movie early, on wednesday evening.  it’s big and loud and fun, definitely a summertime popcorn chomper of a flick.  these guys should give a course in pacing, since this movie feels like a breezy hour and a half instead of its far more substantial 2.5 hours.  the movie pretty much plays like an ‘indy jones: greatest hits’ disc:  there’s the severely-makeup’d femme with the european accent, some hacking through skeleton-bestrewn jungle temples, the comrade who’s really working for the other side, the battle against anti-american elements, the obligatory “omg a snake!” moment, and plenty of i’m chauvanist but i luvs ya baby to boot.  the visuals are likewise super fun, everything glitters, and there’s plenty of quirky little tongue-in-cheek sight gags (e.g., a brief glimpse of the ark of the covenant, sorta safe in its crate).  it’s plot is a whole lot looser than previous entries, though, and there are enough “wait, that’s way stupid” moments that happen while you’re actually watching – as opposed to the easily forgivable after you think about it for a while – that the bottom line is that it’s just not as good as it’s predecessors.  but still super fun.

and some spoilers, highlight if you’ve seen it or you don’t care about spoiling things:

you know when you sat down to watch ‘signs’, and the beginning of the movie indicated that it was about space aliens?  and you’re all, “well, hey, it’s m.night shyamalan and all, so there’ll be a twist,” and you were waiting for what it was really about?  and then it was about f’ing space aliens?  wtf?  in a way, this is that movie, too.  there’s a little bit in the beginning that starts off sly and totally cute, since the object the evil peeps are looking for is an alien corpse from the roswell crash.  but then, seriously, that’s what the rest of the show is about.  they are, no lie, looking for an alien civilization in the jungle.  i’m ok with older earth gods, from Kali to Yaweh, but aliens?  you kinda lost me there, indy.



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