Posted by: fireweaver | June 1, 2008

shake that thing

when i was at Kara’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, i was wondering if anyone actually dances at weddings anymore.  sure, there was a dj (i think we’d all agree that music is a necessity at any kind of party), and yes, a few people danced, but it certainly wasn’t the crazy free-for-all on the dancefloor that the movies would have you believe.  maybe we’re all old?  maybe it’s not cool to dance, and if we aren’t in the dark with strobelights, we don’t want to be superstars?  are we really all that self conscious?

apparently, yes, people do dance at weddings.  maybe it’s a cultural thing that white america doesn’t.  at a dinner party at Diana’s house last year, some of her lab-mates (a couple from brasil) spontaneously busted into a little salsa on the back porch to the music floating out over the yard.  Di lamented at the time that their movements were so easy & natural, not flamboyant or show-offy, and certainly not with the stiffness of recently-learned lessons.  they said that of course everyone dances where they’re from, all the time, and it isn’t an activity reserved only for wedding receptions or formal nightclubs.  Kara is a wonderful dancer – she teaches bellydance – so i found it odd that her reception didn’t spark up a throng of people dancing.  but apparently that cultural thing won out, because the only difference between her reception and Larry’s yesterday was the mix of people.  there was an insanely flamboyant venezuelan dj (we had to ask, we couldn’t place his accent which was both luscious and crazy) spinning 80s pop, current hip-hop, and various doses of latin dance music (yay!!  suavemente!!!) 

Larry is black, and easily the best male dancer i know; he once made several hundred dollars for hurricane katrina relief at a lab animal function by a spur-of-the-moment announcement that he was dancing with any lady in the room for charity.  well, now we know where he gets it:  his mom is AMAZING.  she shakes her booty with the enthusiasm & mad skills of a woman half her age.  and she certainly wasn’t alone up there, since Larry’s whole family jumped up to join her.  apparently, it’s just like being at a club, in that all you need is critical mass of people actually dancing to get the self-conscious folks out there too.  then again, can anyone really resist 80s electropop?



  1. Oh, that sounds like fun.

    The dancing has been pretty minimal at most of the weddings I’ve attended in the last few years. I wondered if it was an age thing, too. (And perhaps it partly is.) But most of the weddings have been pretty whitebread. (Actually, I did have some fun dancing at a wedding in New Orleans, but there still weren’t lots of people dancing.)

    I’m glad to know that there are more wedding-dancing-oriented demographics out there.

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